13 thoughts on “Board of Ed Divided on Filling Vacant Seat [UPDATED]

  1. If the BOE can not agree on a Republican or Democrat to fill this role I am happy to join now – perhaps an unaffiliated person is just what is needed for the NC BOE.

  2. It is disappointing to see some members of the board (who are public servants) politicize this process far more than is needed. I am certain there are many unaffiliated/independent candidates who would willingly serve (myself included).

    Let us remember it has been over two months since the seat was vacated. If the board can not fulfill a basic responsibility in that time how can we expect them to advance the ball for our school system on real, complex issues? Food for thought ahead of the election…

  3. I am old enough to remember the last election in which the word “transparency” was a key focus. No identification or public discussion of those who volunteered to fill the seat? And no press allowed at the Republican caucus this year? “Transparency,” indeed.

    • The republican caucus is an open and transparent process that allows almost any republican the right and potential to make it on the ballot in November. I have participated in the primaries and did not make it on the Republican ticket 2 years ago, no gripes or complaints here. I don’t believe there are any backroom deals or special treatment. When I decided to run I barely knew any of the RTC members at the time, as the decision is left to the thousands of republican voters in town. If you are interested in seeing who is running in the Republican primary, simply look at the RTC website, it’s all there with candidate Bio’s. In 2 weeks republican candidates with the most votes are on the ticket in November. Thats a pretty transparent and “democratic” process, if you ask me.

      • Fascinating! The press has been banned from The Republican caucus this year? Does anyone know what happened to drive this decision? Is this a local or national policy change? I’m hoping someone can educate me as it seems like such a deviation from previous caucuses. I’m intrigued. Thanks!

        • Republican candidates are not designated, appointed or anointed. They are chosen by members of the party in an open and transparent election process. How have “Democratic” candidates been selected? I’m also intrigued. Thanks!

          • they raise their hand and run. Democrats’ process might not be perfect but it isn’t *ban the press* bad. Suggesting otherwise is a false equivalence.

            Besides, what about *after* someone gets elected? That’s the main focus of this article. Again, I recall alot of talk about transparency from certain candidates byt have yet to see it in action. Unless, apparently, you’re on the RTC?

        • The DTC process “might not be perfect.”? They raise their hand and run?”. I don’t think there is any debate on which process is more fair, open and transparent. Our caucus needs to be held at Saxe, with roughly a thousand republican voters casting ballots 2 years ago. It is prominently displayed on the RTC website, as are the candidates and their Bio’s. How many attend your “nominating” caucus at Town Hall? Do you advertise and encourage all party members to attend? Or is attendance primarily DTC members and Dem town officials. I remind you that the republican caucus is intended for republicans to find our representatives for November, there will be plenty of time for you to critic our candidates in the general election. By the way, who are your candidates? The Stamford Advocate has apparently made repeated requests for a list and are still waiting for a reply. Open and transparent indeed…

          • Any registered Democrat can attend the party’s caucus and ask to be voted in as a candidate that night, as long as they have a person to nominate and second their nomination. I’m glad our doors remain open to anyone interested in running! As to advance news of potential candidates? Whether by Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliateds, it’s been the individual candidates themselves who’ve decided to announce their campaigns. I’ve yet to see a “party-endorsed slate” announcement from either side, and frankly that is a good thing at least in my opinion. As a former DTC Chair myself, I can say that I was never a fan of seeing our role as “party bosses,” but rather as folks who would bring as many people as possible into civic engagement.

  4. A few questions…. Is it mandated (legally) that the BOE replace a resigned BOE representative with someone from the same political party as the departing member? How would selecting a replacement “interfere with the process” (of the other elections)? Why would a board, this BOE or any board for that matter, allow another body to have the ultimate authority to choose the new member of their board?

  5. I will apologize in advance if I am missing something but when I read the article I think, “Why wouldn’t I want the people of the town to decide the 9th BOE member vs. the 8 current BOE members?” 1. It’s the people of the town that selected the 9 BOE committee members to begin with and 2. There is no urgent need to fill the role, school isn’t in session, there isn’t a pending decision that are being held up, etc.
    As I stated in the beginning, maybe I am missing something from the article but I don’t see why, as a town member, I shouldn’t have a voice!

  6. Hi Jane, Glad to see that you believe in a fair and open process for your nomination process. Frankly, how the DTC runs its process is your business and your concern, but to be morally outraged and question the Republican primary process when the DTC process appears magnitudes less fair, transparent and open is objectively ridiculous.
    I also want to note that your fair and transparent process has denied intelligent, capable long-time democrats the ability to run and likely win. They have been recommended/advised not to run by senior DTC members so incumbents would have a better chance, only to see numerous other democratic candidates end up running for the position. Frankly, it’s a sad loss for our town and certainly does not appear to represent the fair and open process you espouse.
    I believe you also indicated that you prefer that “Party endorsed” candidates not be disclosed until after the primaries and candidates are announced, then why are some Dems so upset? So, they are disappointed at not getting the opportunity to find out more about our candidates when you don’t and do not believe it’s necessary to disclose your own… Hmmmm That seems fair..

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