Board of Selectmen Approves Purchase of Grass Treatment for School Athletic Fields


The town’s Board of Selectmen approved two requests from the Parks Department at its regular meeting last week for the purchase and application of grass treatment products for school athletic fields.

According to Parks Superintendent John Howe, the strategy of purchasing and applying products separately has been effective.

“This has been successful because we can control how the product is applied and what we’re using,” he said.

The Parks Department’s budget for the purchasing products included the treatment products and seed, focusing “on more organic products and more seeds.”

Selectmen Kit Devereaux asked if the materials comply with “what is allowable for the town.”

Howe assured that the rules for chemical treatment on school property were being followed. “We do not buy any pesticides for the fields near the school grounds,” he said. “We’ve been doing more aerifying and overseeding there for this reason.”

The second part of the request was to enter a contract with Champion Turf for the application of the treatment.

“We outsource the company and use their equipment,” Howes said. “This is due to the fact we have almost 50 acres of athletic fields.”

The Parks Department oversees the work to make sure the treatments are being applied correctly.

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and Devereaux voted to appropriate $131,200 to Tom Irwin, Inc. for the purchase of materials and to Champion Turf for $21,685 for the application of the purchased products.

2 thoughts on “Board of Selectmen Approves Purchase of Grass Treatment for School Athletic Fields

  1. We are very lucky to have John Howe, whose knowledge and judicious use of inputs keeps our fields AND children healthy. The stunning verdict against Monsanto, the manufacturer of “Roundup” that has been linked to cancer, should give us all pause. Pesticide-Free New Canaan found Howe to be a great resource and ally, who employs good cultural practices paired with organic or least toxic materials where possible. Many thanks to John and his crew!

  2. Yes we are lucky to have John Howe as our Parks Superintendent.
    The parks and the playing fields are well taken care of.
    One question I have, when will the town repave the parking area at the Schoolhouse Apts.? The police station which connects with this area have been repaved. The Schoolhouse could have been done at the same time.
    N. Jensen

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