Coltrane the Black Lab: Doesn’t Know What a Mid-Life Crisis Is



Here’s our new installment of “New Canine-ites,” where we profile our local dogs.

Last week, we ran into a pair of Labrador retriever puppies (prepare to saw Awww). This week, we take a look at 10-year-old black lab Coltrane, a New Canaan resident since age three months. Coltrane often can be visited right at work with his dad, town resident and New Canaan Bicycles owner Lou Kozar.

Coltrane Kozar.

Coltrane Kozar.

Kozar laughs to recall what it’s like to travel to a client’s house in the summer with Coltrane: Homeowners lovingly offer use of their pool to the dog (while Kozar himself sweats out a repair in the sun).

“He’s been invited on several occasions to go swimming on hot days,” Kozar recalled with a smile. “You know, they’ll say ‘Oh it’s such a hot day, your dog looks so hot.’ And I’m sweating bullets. ‘Your dog looks so hot. Would he like to go swimming?’ So Coltrane will go swimming and their dogs are in the pool. He loves it.”

Ann and Lou Kozar of New Canaan Bicycles.

Ann and Lou Kozar of New Canaan Bicycles.

Kozar—who on Saturday is running a free session on bicycle maintenance at New Canaan Library (register here)—said he and wife Ann named the dog after the great jazz saxophonist, and that personal favorite Trane albums include “Giant Steps.”

Fetched from New Hampshire at 12 weeks old, Coltrane is “an eternal puppy,” Kozar said.

“He doesn’t know what a mid-life crisis is all about,” Kozar said. “He’s just all puppy. A great dog, great right from the start. Knew his name on day two. Slept in his crate. He whimpered one night, he cried a little for his siblings that first night but then after that, he lived in his crate. Loved his crate.”

Coltrane with mom.

Coltrane with mom.

Coltrane’s doc is at New Canaan Veterinary Hospital and he eats Earthborn grain-free holistic kibble from Pet Pantry, Kozar said.

New Canaanites who want to meet Coltrane may say hello right at New Canaan Bicycles, a full-service repair and retail shop in the Bob’s Sports lot off of Cherry, or see him over at Spencer’s Run in Waveny.

“He loves a play date,” Kozar said. “He’s affectionate to a fault.”

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