CORRECTION: Grand List Increase Stands at $88 Million


For those who have missed our correction as published on the updated story: wrongly reported the Grand List increase at $629 million on Wednesday morning.

I apologize for the mistake. 

I’d entered ‘7.936’ in my calculating spreadsheet instead of ‘7.396,’ which led to the wrong figure. It was published in our newsletter headline before I caught my error. Sorry about that—I’ll be more careful in the future.

The first selectman’s office and assessor both had provided accurate information on the Grand List, and the inaccurate report was entirely my own fault.

The newsletter is a static emailed page, and it took about one hour for the site to cache the correction after I updated the story, so those who came into the site via the newsletter or directly before about 7:30 a.m. received inaccurate information.

In the future, with the annual Grand List report and other stories dealing with big dollar numbers, I’ll be more careful and will run final figures by an additional set of eyes.

I apologize for any consternation—or, more likely, unwarranted excitement—that the inaccurate report caused.

The original newsletter page with the wrong information can be found here, and the corrected story can be found here.

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