2 thoughts on “COVID-19: New Canaan Health and Human Services Chair Urges Residents To Continue To Be Cautious

  1. Inoculate people are not going to spread the disease. I know that is
    Not in Line with Yale, or Dr. Pierces’ perspective, but that is the Logical
    conclusion. Why get inoculated then, if you are going to get the
    Disease and/or spread it. As for the younger people in town, I’m glad that
    They are getting immunity. I certainly am not glad some are very sick
    And hospitalized. There seems to be generalities when talking about
    The sick. I never hear..if they have underling conditions, or other
    factors why they are so sick, yet so many other youths are sick for a
    Couple of days and are fine. It’s important to have all the facts.
    I don’t think anyone at this point wants to go backwards.
    You can always find the worst case scenario in anything. The real truth is that we have large sectors of people in town inoculated, and more to come. We have large sectors in are community who have the Antibodies already.
    We are doing fine. Onward, not backward is the way should go with
    Common sense, and logic. Let’s end the fear, the negativity and let us
    Live our lives with personal responsibility, but with freedom of choice.
    I will end with : the the vaccination process was the most uplifting thing I’ve
    Ever witnessed. It has run like clockwork. The efforts made by Dr. Pierce and the Health department should be awarded Medals. Truly a fantastic
    Coordinated effort unlike anything we have ever seen. Amazing!
    Sincerely, Pamela McFeely

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