Dog Problems Cited in Millport Avenue Eviction 


The New Canaan Housing Authority is seeking to evict a tenant from one of its Millport Avenue units, saying her dog has become a recurring and serious problem.

According to a complaint filed March 14 in state Superior Court, following “several warnings” from her landlord, the woman “continues to allow her dog to urinate and defecate on her deck, throw the feces off of her balcony, and fail to clean up after this dog creating a foul odor and significant sanitation, safety and health threats to herself and other tenants or occupants of the same building or structure as the urine and feces are seeping through her deck onto other residents’ decks and patios and is causing property damage to the decks.”

“Furthermore, defendant continues to allow her dog to bark excessively at all hours of the day and night severely disturbing other residents. This disorderly conduct is in direct violation of defendant’s lease; interferes with management of the development; disturbs her neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises; interferes substantially with the comfort and safety of other tenants or occupants of the same or adjacent buildings or structures; and is considered substantial and willful destruction on part of the dwelling uint or premises,” attorney Robert Chesson of Milford-based Chesson & Schweickert LLC wrote in the complaint.

The conduct violates several sections of the lease, the complaint said. It includes an attachment where Chesson detailed the violations in writing to the tenant, as well as the eviction papers instructing her to vacate by March 7. 

“Although the time designated in the notice to quit possession of said premises has passed, defendant still remains in possession,” according to the complaint. 

Though the unit at 59 Millport Ave. is a “covered welling” under the federal CARES Act, the action was not filed between March and July, 2020, according to an affidavit lodged April 13 on behalf the plaintiff. 

The tenant has not yet filed an answer, according to Connecticut Judicial Branch records.

Technically the plaintiff is the Millport Phase II Limited Partnership, whose principal is the Millport Phase II GP Corporation, according to Connecticut Secretary of the State records. That corporation’s principal is listed in state records as the Housing Authority chair, with a mailing address c/o New Canaan Housing Authority.

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