Election 2023: Lara Kelly Announces Candidacy for Board of Education


Lara Kelly

New Canaan’s Lara Kelly has announced that she will seek a seat on the Board of Education. The Republican will seek party backing at the GOP Caucus on July 25. We put some questions to Kelly ahead of the Caucus, which is open to all registered New Canaan Republicans. 

Here’s our exchange.


New Canaanite: What is your background professionally and in terms of living and volunteering here in New Canaan?

Lara Kelly: I am a mother to four children: Caroline (13), Spencer (9), Addison (6), and James (3). 

I grew up in Connecticut and moved back to New Canaan in 2019. My husband Chris and I chose New Canaan because we wanted a community focused on families, education, and traditional values. We love this town and the many wonderful friends we have made here.

Professionally, I own and operate RCG Farm in Newtown, CT. I am active volunteer across many New Canaan community organizations including serving in the leadership of my church’s elementary-aged youth program. I have volunteered on the West PTC board, as a co-chair of the annual Dance-a-thon, and in my children’s classrooms. Earlier this year, I worked to support of the tremendously talented DOME committee. I helped raise awareness and funds for The DOME renovation at the high school. 

Likewise, over the years I have volunteered alongside my children in their various interests: organizing art clubs, volunteering as a classroom parent, being a Girls Scout cookie manager, managing book clubs, and many other extracurricular activities.

Why are you running for the Board of Education?

I am passionate about the role education plays in our town. If elected, I will bring a unique lens to the Board given my children will attend New Canaan’s elementary, middle, and high schools during my service.

Like so many other families in town, I moved to New Canaan for the high-quality public schools. I will support the current Board and administration by prioritizing academics, promoting student safety, and encouraging parent involvement. My commitment to academic excellence is not only personal but a commitment to our community and the children of our town.

What do you view as the biggest issues facing our school district?

The Board must create the best educational environment for all children. We need to focus on academics and rebounding from Covid-related learning loss, empower our teachers with the best curriculum available, and engage all families – especially those seeking support services. The Board of Education should always be focused on what is best for our kids and academic achievement should be our collective focus.

Many parents choose New Canaan Public Schools because of the exceptional support services we offer, including my own. I would like to continue to invest in phonics support for our K-3 children, add more STEM-focused curriculum to our classrooms, and ensure our high school students are prepared to enter an increasingly competitive world. 

When my now 1st grade daughter enters high school, I want to make sure she is still walking into the best high school in the state with an engaging curriculum and most up-to-date teaching methods. 

How would you describe the ideal working relationship between the Board of Ed and district administration?

I believe the Board of Education serves the town best when it prioritizes academic curriculum, promotes student safety, and encourages parent involvement. The Board should support our talented administration and facilitate transparency for all members of our community. 

As a Board member, I will work to exemplify the civility I want my own children to learn and we all want our town to represent. Excellent schools like ours require active stewardship. Committed leaders are needed to plan, guide, and protect New Canaan Public Schools’ tradition of exceptionalism. I will work to ensure our schools are the brightest example of public education in Connecticut and the country.

Finally, tell us something about yourself that many New Canaanites likely don’t know.

For the past two decades, I have been involved with a humanitarian organization focused on women’s prenatal health and adult literacy in West Africa. 

During humanitarian trips, I’ve met scores of families in need who greatly benefit from the volunteer work of incredible teachers and medical professionals. Through it all, I’ve come to know a mother’s desire to provide the best opportunities in education and health services for her children is a universal truth. 

8 thoughts on “Election 2023: Lara Kelly Announces Candidacy for Board of Education

  1. I love Laura’s passion! She was a huge advocate to help end the mask mandate and put our children’s education as the too priority. She’ll be a great asset to all our children as a member of the BOE.

  2. Lara is an amazing choice for BOE. Intelligent, engaging and passionate. Can’t wait to see what she brings to the BOE.

  3. I have worked with Lara extensively in a volunteer capacity. She is smart, service-oriented, and can always be relied upon to come up with sensible solutions. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to serve the kids of our town.

  4. Lara really is the complete package. She’s as passionate as she is qualified, and I have no doubt she will do everything in her power to advocate for our children’s best interest. I can also personally speak to what a wonderful friend and genuinely good human Lara is. I was extremely ill while pregnant with my 4th child, shortly after I moved to New Canaan. I didn’t know anyone well, but one day Lara showed up with several meals for my family. This small gesture was just the beginning of a treasured friendship. Lara is kind and inclusive and a true asset to our community.

  5. Lara is one of the most organized, talented and insightful people that I know. She will fight for every child in New Canaan to have the best education and be prepared to be future leaders.

  6. I love Lara’s honest, no nonsense approach to everything from child rearing, education, and life in general. She is a thoughtful, caring person who is passionate about protecting our kids. I believe we will be in good hands with Lara in the BOE.

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