8 thoughts on “Election 2023: Republican Candidates for First Selectman Debate Affordable Housing Strategies

  1. When you have the developer of 751 Weed and his surveyors walking around unannounced on your property as recently as 3 days ago it is hard to sync that reality with what appears to have been said at this debate.

  2. Mike – Thanks for writing about the New Canaan RTC’s candidate forum, an important part of our caucus process. The RTC organized the Candidate Forums to make sure our caucus voters know where the candidates for contested offices stand on key issues. New Canaan’s Republicans run an open, fair and transparent process where we inform and involve our voters. Please come to the Caucus if you are a registered Republican.

    • Chris, I am not a registered Republican but I am interested in reading about what Republican candidates have to say because these candidates often win the election and then have an impact on all New Canaan residents’ lives. Your comment above leaves me wondering why the BOE forum was kept so secretive – with no reporters and no recording- leaving all but the few who attended no way to understand if there are any differences between them. I think that is one reason why you are hearing complaints about transparency.

      • Jenn – I wish we had because all of our candidates for the BoE did a great job at the Candidates Forum on Friday.

        The primary consideration was cost – we had to rent the Carriage Barn and employ an outside firm to help with the video and audio for the First Selectman and Town Council Forums. The final product was something that we are proud of but the total cost was significant. We have also sponsored numerous Meet & Greets for Republicans to get to know or caucus candidates. Clearly we have gone to great lengths (and spent a lot) to make the Republican caucus an open and transparent process.

        By the way, did I miss the Democratic Candidate Forums?

        • Interesting, Chris, since reporting in this newsletter two years ago alerted voters to the partisan comments made during that year’s Republican caucus (e.g., “I’m tired of being on defense,” and “New Canaan is a red town in a blue state.”). And yet, the media were barred from this year’s event and it wasn’t recorded. Surely not a coincidence.

  3. The costs to New Canaan of our government’s bungling the 8-30g moratorium shouldn’t be minimized.

    • Predatory developers want to profit at our expense. They weaponize these laws as effective blackmail. They make a proposal as bad as possible to get paid off.
    • The state wants to pass off big city problems from crime to drugs on the towns by building massive housing projects in quiet neighborhoods.

    But these threats to New Canaan were entirely predictable and predicted. Where was our local leadership? Conflicted? Incompetent? Either way: we can do better.

  4. An informative video every voter should watch. Some highlights:
    • Board of selectmen dysfunction is due to the other two members, according to Kevin Moynihan, who has clashed with both;
    • The failure to obtain an 8-30g moratorium is not a problem because Mr. Karp won’t go through with his proposals, Mr. Moynihan says;
    • There are no viable mobile transmission technologies other than building a gigantic tower near a school, in the view of Mr. Moynihan, and the fact that Verizon and AT&T want to build that gigantic tower proves it;
    • Concerns about health risks to schoolchildren from mobile transmission antennae are based on “voodoo science,” says Mr. Moynihan;
    • The town has agreed to buy the Gulf Station but isn’t mentioning that to the press, according to Mr. Moynihan.

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