3 thoughts on “‘Active Adult Senior Housing’: Builder Suggests Public-Private Partnership at Weed and Elm

  1. If this senior active adult housing is built, has a managing company been chosen? What amenities are proposed? Estimated cost for a resident?

  2. It is very inappropriate to put high density housing in a historic, beautiful part of town with one acre zoning.
    There will be 118 apartments with elevators in the heart of town for sale and rent being built now which should satisfy the needs of many seniors.

    • The corner of Elm and Weed is certainly NOT a historic part of Town. Instead of making negative comments … think for a moment about seniors like myself (age 79) who have lived in NC for decades and would like to live out their lives here including walking to town, Irwin Park, train, library, Mead Park, Zumbach’s Gourmet Coffee etc, etc. … and their are no places to choose …. even with Merritt Village … thanks Jane!

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