4 thoughts on “‘Let Us Get Further Down the Road’: Merritt Village Developer Addresses Criticism of Retaining Wall

  1. The jump to the gunners are quickly back in action again with comments like “a tacky, ugly faux wall” describing what Merritt Village is putting up on Park St. before it is even completed and before plantings are put in to hide most of it. Mike … or the Karps … do you have a photo that can be published of that part of the road before any work was done? It certainly looked worse than anything Merritt Village might do.

    If you want to see how the finished product blends in, just drop by Zumbachs Coffee and look out the side/parking lot door at the “tacky, ugly faux wall” and see how it nicely blends in.

    Lets give Karp a break (for a change) and see how the place looks when it’s finished!

    • I’ll see if I have a photo somewhere, George, I might.

      As you know, many raised objections during the Planning & Zoning Commission hearings—for example, to the height, appearance and density of Merritt Village, for reasons ranging from its impact on property values and the housing market to traffic, school enrollment and sight lines in winter—and ultimately this project changed in scope, from 190 units to 110. The P&Z approval also came with a record number of conditions. If opponents to Merritt Village think that the developer is not building what was approved by P&Z, they can go to Town Hall, review the plans and bring those concerns to building officials. Short of that, throwing rocks at the developer himself or pooh-poohing a complex that has not yet materialized says far more about the critic than Karp himself, I would imagine.