Felony ID Theft Charge for 36-Year-Old Man


Police midday Tuesday arrested a 36-year-old West Haven man on a felony charge after apprehending him while he tried to collect items he’d purchased with a stolen credit card.

At about 10:23 a.m., New Canaan Police were told that someone had their credit card information stolen and used to make several purchases online, officials said.

Those purchases included a pair of Fendi sneakers ($834.85) and a Fendi T-shirt ($760.40) as well as a third online transaction for $67 for an unknown purchase, according to a police report.

The sneakers and T-shirt had been delivered to a home on Gower Road which was not the residence of the victim of the credit card theft, the report said.

The man, a West Haven resident, texted an individual at the Gower Road resident, asking if that person had his packages, the report said. He explained that they’d been delivered there by mistake and he wanted to pick them up, according to police.

The NCPD Patrol and Investigative sections set up surveillance on Gower road and at about 12 p.m., the man was taken into custody as he tried to retrieve the packages from the front porch of the home, the police report said.

He was charged with third-degree identity theft, a felony, and fourth-degree larceny.

Police released the man on $25,000 bond and scheduled him to appear March 26 in state Superior Court in Norwalk.

Police reminded residents to register credit card accounts to receive mobile or text alerts if it’s used, so that they’ll be more likely to know when fraudulent activity is occurring.

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