2 thoughts on “Finance Board: Wait Until Summer To Fund Town-Wide Survey

  1. It is meaningful to further explain why the Board of Finance is waiting until the summer. Crafting a survey that provides concrete actionable information in an unbiased format and then getting a representative sample of responses from the community would take a significant amount time. Since the survey results would not be available in time to help inform this year’s budget cycle decision making, the cost of a survey can be captured in the normal budget cycle process rather than a special appropriation.

    • Maria,

      What new information about how surveys work has emerged since the morning of Nov. 17? That was when a room full of town officials vowed to survey residents for this budget season. The proposal has garnered interest among residents—it’s come up not only in comments threads but also at the Forum on Public Buildings and Community Coffee. Two months later, that survey—estimated to take about six weeks for a professional firm to organize and run—has been put off to next fiscal year. The reason given Tuesday by the chairman of the Board of Finance was lack of funds.

      Thanks for posting your comment.

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