Firefighters Put Out Early-Morning Blaze Tuesday at Hemlock Hill Road Home

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Firefighters before dawn Tuesday put out a blaze that started in the basement of a northern New Canaan home, officials said.

No one was injured in the fire at 50 Hemlock Hill Road, according to Fire Marshal Fred Baker.

The New Canaan Fire Department at 2:45 a.m. was called to the Colonial on a report of smoke in the basement, according to Baker.

The homeowners had been alerted to the problem by their dog and fire alarm system, in that order, Baker said in a press bulletin issued to local media.

“Using thermal imaging cameras, firefighters found a small fire burning behind a wall in the finished basement which was quickly extinguished with minimal damage,” Baker said.

Officials later found that access to the fireplace ash dump had been walled over when the basement was finished, and nobody knew, Baker said.

The town throughout the early 2000s issued several building permits at the home, land use records show, including for additions.

According to Baker, the door to the ash bit had not been properly installed, allowing hot embers to fall into the wall cavity, which started the fire.

The homeowners told fire officials that they use the fireplace frequently.

They were “very lucky the fire was discovered early and they were alerted by their alarm system—K-9 and electronic,” Baker said.

“All homeowners are reminded to ensure that fire alarm systems are tested and serviced annually by certified alarm technicians,” Baker said.

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