First Selectman: New Canaan Achieves High Fire Protection Rating


New Canaan’s highest elected official said town residents likely will see better fire-related insurance premiums following an even stronger rating of the local fire department.

First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said in a press release Tuesday that the town is seeing a “significant upgrade” to its fire protection rating from the Insurance Service Office—a way to measure the emergency response agency’s performance, efficiency and effectiveness based on a set of standards, according to this FEMA-published report.

“Less than 1 percent of ISO-rated communities have achieved a rating lower than 4,” he said. New Canaan formerly had been rated 6/9 by ISO, Mallozzi said.

The rating company’s citation includes this paragraph, he said: “Improvements in firefighting water supply are the primary reason for the improvement. All of the older, non-complaint fire hydrants have been replaced with modern hydrants with 4-inch outlets and additional dry hydrants have been installed in town. Improved equipment and training have also contributed to this higher rating.”

The first selectman in the release told homeowners it’s “worth a call” to insurance providers to see how the rating may effect their own costs.

Mallozzi credited Fire Chief Jack Hennessey, Fire Marshal Fred Baker, Fire Capt. Mike Socci “and our career and volunteer firefighters,” as well as Tim Brown of Brown, Thayer, Shedd Insurance for the improved rating.

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