‘I Didn’t Have a Choice’: Parking Ticket Appeals


Morse Court, June 27, 2020. BT photo

The New Canaan Parking Bureau received the following appeals recently from ticketed motorists.


“Le Blond and Company has been working during COVID-19, and we were not aware that the parking was going to be enforced. Now we know, but we were hoping that you could forgive these two tickets. Thank you, we really appreciate your consideration and your help.”

—$50 total for overtime parking on Pine Street at 12:33 and 12:34 p.m. for two cars at same business (New Canaan appellant)


“Many things in life are unfair. I should know. I am a single mom with 2 kids to support. I am also a Uber Eats driver for over a year now. I never had a parking issue in New Canaan until now. I was doing a pickup at Elm Rest. & New Canaan Chicken when badge #304 gave me a ticket for parking on the corner of the street. I didn’t have a choice because you all have put the cement barriers in most of the parking spaces. Not any fault of my own. My pick-up was literally a few feet away. You can see that if you indeed have the photos as stated on the ticket. There were no other parking spaces available and I needed to pick up the food. Badge 304 was just waiting to give me this ticket knowing that parking space were blocked off. This is unfair. I should have not have to pay the town for inconveniencing the people. I should not have to be penalized for this. If it was under any other circumstance this ticket would be warranted but it isn’t. Please consider my plea and drop the ticket charge.”

—$30 for no parking zone on Park Street at 12:51 p.m. on June 5 (Trumbull resident)


“On 6/18/20 my truck was running, hazards on with both passenger doors open. I was delivering materials for Uncorked @ 17 Elm St New Canaan, we have a construction project in rear of building. I apologize for being in a handicapped zone @ 9:45 but we had heavy masonry materials to unload as we are constructing a bar in rear of building.”

—$150 for disabled space, at 9:49 a.m. on June 18 (Westport business)


“I would like to appeal my ticket beast although I do admit I was in the crosswalk it was for a mere 90 seconds as I ran into Organika across the street to grab my lunch. I am from NJ and staying with my parents during Covid and was actually driving my Moms car to pick up lunch. Also, hence the reason I am unaware of some of the parking restrictions in town.”

—$75 for obstructing crosswalk on Main Street, at 1:16 p.m. on June 30 

“I am objecting to the ticket below. I do not believe I was parked for over two hours. And even if I was parked for over two hours, it was a matter of minutes over two hours. I was shopping local and I bought stuff at numerous stores including More and More, Wave and ate lunch at Rosie’s. By ticketing my car for parking more than 2 hours (which I don’t believe is true and even it was over two hours it would have been a few minutes after two hours). By aggressively ticketing cars on Elm, you are in effect discouraging locals from conducting business in town (and it is very clear the businesses need support). I hope you reconsider the issuance of this parking ticket especially when all meters in town are temporary (sic) suspended. I am out of town this week and do not have access to a printer to fill out the objection to the issuance of a parking violation form, so I hope you consider email this my formal objection. The objection must be received 10 days after the alleged infraction (so today is the last day for me to submit my objection).

—$25 for overtime parking on Elm Street, at 1:21 p.m. on June 27 (New Canaan resident)

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  1. I’m confused. Meters aren’t enforced but time for street parking is??? Seems like clarity is needed and signs.

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