Officials Uphold $25 Parking Ticket for Confused Darien Couple

The Parking Commission last week upheld a $25 ticket for a Darien couple that pulled into a space at one municipal lot downtown and then tried to pay at another. Lindy and Len Fox told the commissioners during their March 14 meeting that on the morning of Jan. 31 (a Thursday), they pulled into a space in front of the former Outback Teen Center and then walked up the hill to pay for their parking at the meter machine where the wife, Lindy, typically parks and pays when she visits New Canaan. Yet that day, what locals call the “Park Street Lot” was full, the Foxes said, and that’s why they ended up parking in the “Playhouse Lot.”

“So I put my card in, it would not take it,” Len Fox told the Commission during his appeal hearing, held at Town Hall. “Some lady comes over, and she uses the other one, because there are two [pay machines] together and she said, ‘My card is working here.

‘My Child Started Screaming from the Cold’: Parking Ticket Appeals 

Here are snippets from ticket appeals filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau. ***

“Delivery driving—had to rush to complete customer order and avoid reprimand from employer (GrubHub), snowfall made it unclear where the no parking zone began and ended. $30 would eliminate a few hours of delivery work. Better parking locations were pointed out afterward.”

—$30 for no parking zone on Forest Street at 12:17 p.m. on Feb. 14 (Sandy Hook resident)


“On February 1, 2019 I received a parking ticket in front of Le Pain Quotidien coffee shop on Elm Street to meet with Pastor Mark Lingle at 3 pm.

‘I Am from the State of Massachusetts’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here’s a sample of recent ticket appeals filed with the New Canaan Parking Bureau. ***

“I received a ticket on the morning of 1/24 for overtime parking while in the post office. I was in the post office for 15 mins. My tire was never marked not was I parked in the spot over the allotted amount of time. I was parked in a 30min zone within the white lines.”

—$25 for overtime parking on Locust Avenue, at 10:33 a.m. on Jan.

‘I Am the Victim Here’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“My daughter and I pulled into this spot both of us never knew it was handicap spot. There were no markings on the road all that was visible to us was the 2 hour parking sign in front of us on the right. The one handicap sign was beyond us when we parked and we never even knew it was a handicap. I’m compelled to let you know there were plenty of other spots to chose from at the time on Elm street and I have never and would never park in a handicap spot intentionally. The fine is very steep.

‘I Was Literally in Press Burger 2 Minutes’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“I didn’t know the emissions test at the auto repair shop would only take 10 minutes. The person at the counter did not explain that the work will be done in such a short amount of time. So I left the car for over 2 hours. In the future I will not leave it longer than 10 minutes.”

—$25 for overtime parking on Main Street, at 1:35 p.m. on Oct. 12 (New Canaan resident)


“On Saturday, October 20, I visited New Canaan for the first time of my life to golf at New Canaan Country Club.