‘I Was Running Late To Make a Fitness Class’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Ticketed motorists recently filed the following appeals to the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“I was a volunteer for the rehearsal at Saxe Middle School while I got the ticket. I parked behind a fire zone and blocked a hydrant unfortunately. I’m an au pair and actually from Germany, so we don’t have hydrants in front of buildings or on streets, they are under the ground. I never learned something about hydrants in my German driving school and it wasn’t necessary to visit a driving school here in CT. I didn’t know about the rules and that isn’t allowed to park next to a hydrant.

‘Thought I Paid at the Machine’: Parking Ticket Appeals

The following appeals were filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau by ticketed motorists. ***

“I am an Fairfield resident. I am staying at my daughters’ on Laurel/Hidden Meadow Lane and I was meeting a friend at Ching’s for lunch. There is no parking around—so I went behind Town Hall and parked. Did not realize there are prepaid spots + machines.

‘I Learned How To Drive in Vermont’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from appeals filed with the New Canaan Parking Bureau by ticketed motorists:

“First off I want to apologize for parking on a crosswalk. I work as an uber delivery driver & finding parking close to restaurants can sometimes be difficult. So I parked right in front of restaurant, but I was literally in there for one minute. I was in and out but the lady gave me a ticket anyways. I know I was wrong but if you can please give me another chance! I will never obstruct a crosswalk again.

‘I Went to the Dermatologist to Remove a Mole’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are appeals from ticketed motorists filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau. ***

“I was visiting my father in New Canaan on September 16th. I parked my car on Main Street across from the restaurant Spiga. After we finished our lunch I was surprised to find that I was ticketed for parking in a no parking zone. I saw that there was no sign posted stating no parking.

‘I Believed I Was Doing the Courteous Thing’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are recent appeals filed with the New Canaan Parking Commission by ticketed motorists. ***

“I had parked in front of Dunkin Doughnuts on Elm Street to pick up my doughnut order. I thought the area in front of the store was temporary parking for Dunkin Doughnut customers. There was no sign that read ‘No Parking.’I literally parked there for under 3 minutes. As I returned from the store I saw a parking official place a ticket on my windshield.