‘I Was Getting My Hair Colored’: Parking Ticket Appeals


Run out of gas? Credit: Michael Dinan

The New Canaan Parking Commission recently received the following appeals letters from ticketed motorists. 


“I received a parking ticket when parked in front of J. Crew on 1/18/23. I was meeting an old friend at LePain Quotidien. I am 75 years old and have been shopping in your town for over 47 years. I never, ever knew you had a two hour rule. I went back with my husband and I now see that in fact there are small signs but none was in front of my car car and honestly I was unaware. I am truly sorry and have now learned that your town has a two hour limit. I will adhere to that limit in all my future parking. I am writing to ask forgiveness of this ticket. Thank you.”

—Wilton resident

Nice job. Credit: Michael Dinan


“I am writing to you as I kindly request an appeal to this parking citation under good faith. I live in Stamford CT and was unaware of the parking restrictions in New Canaan. I am a new customer of the Vault Salon on Burtis Avenue and I was parked directly out from of their business. I was getting my hair colored which took longer than the 2 hour parking limit. I did not know how long this appointment would be and no one at the salon informed me of the timing/potential issue with parking on the street in front of the salon prior to my appointment. I take full responsibility as I now know I cannot park on the street if my appointment will be in excess of 2 hours but I did not know that prior to this citation. I promise this will not happen again now that I am aware.”

—$25 for overtime parking on Burtis Avenue, at 11:24 a.m. on Dec. 9 (Stamford resident)


“I … would wish to appeal this ticket citation for $30 fine given to me on Elm St.”

—no parking zone (Bridgeport resident)


“I hope all is well. Below is a copy of 2 tickets. From Jan. 23 and Jan. 24. I also included copy of payments. I entered the wrong spot. If I can please have these tickets removed. Thanks.”

—$30 tickets for unpaid space in Railroad Lot 


“I would like to apparel the attached parking violation. Please advise on how to proceed. I parked a few inches forward because there was a large car behind me obstructing my space when I pulled in. On another note, there was a car parked in front of me, when I arrived (white BMW) so I clearly was not obstructing 2 spaces. That car was also there when I left. I stayed for an hour. I parked where there was a space and no cars were prevented from parking.”

—issued at 3:35 p.m. on Jan. 13


“In 2019, after 6 years of waiting, we were informed by the paring bureau that my name had come up for the parking lot permit. We accepted, and paid for a full year and then COVID hit and I never ended up using the permit. This week I had to go into NYC for work and recalled my permit at the Lumberyard Lot. I parked and went to the City and found this ticket on my car. Upon calling the Parking Bureau, Stacy reminded me that my permit was inactive because I had opted to be put on a priority list. I have no recollection of this discussion & no email to confirm. All I know is that I am getting ticketed on a lot I should be allowed to park in.” (File at Parking Bureau includes July 2021 request to be put on priority list.)

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