‘I Feel Great’: Sean Brennan Takes Over as Owner of C&H Auto


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One of New Canaan’s most trusted auto repair shops has a new owner.

Sean Brennan outside C&H Auto. Credit Connor Markey

Steve Gaeta, longtime owner of C&H Automotive and Towing, recently sold the Main Street business to longtime General Manager Sean Brennan.

Brennan began working at C&H during high school.

“I started off pumping gas, he told the New Canaanite on a recent afternoon.

After graduating from New Canaan High School in 1991, he attended trade school to learn how to be a mechanic. 

“Once I graduated that, I was in the shop at C&H as a mechanic,” he recalled. “I’ve pretty much been there ever since.” 

Gaeta, the previous owner, had begun his career at the auto shop at 185 Main St. as a mechanic, similar to Brennan. Shortly after being hired, the former owners offered to sell Gaeta the business, an opportunity which he jumped on. 

Gaeta spent his first decade of ownership running the business largely on his own, but in 2000, he began working as a career firefighter in New Canaan, leaving him with less time to dedicate to running the shop. Fortunately for Brennan, this change would lead to a promotion. 

“He needed somebody to manage the business while he was absentee, so he asked me to do the job, and I came out of the shop, and became the general manager at C&H,” Brennan said. “Twenty years later, after managing it, I guess 23 years later after managing it, Steve decided to retire and move on, so he asked me if I had any interest in buying it.”

Brennan has been the official owner of C&H for more than one month now, having taken over the business June 1. He said he feels confident about the current direction of the business and has no major changes planned. 

“The way the business model is now seems to operate smoothly and efficiently, so really no need to change anything at the time,” Brennan said. “I feel great, I’ve decided to push it along forward, and hopefully bright things to come.”

24 thoughts on “‘I Feel Great’: Sean Brennan Takes Over as Owner of C&H Auto

  1. Congratulations Sean,
    Everyone at C&H are the best!!
    Wouldn’t go any where else!
    Best wishes to Steve ,Lisa and family out west.

    Jenny Esposito

  2. Have used C&H for over 25 years for all of our cars – wouldn’t trust them with anyone else. Congrats to Sean and good luck Steve!

  3. C&H has been servicing vehicles for the Glass House since before I started working there more than 14 years ago. As a result of their reliable service I began bringing my own vehicles there as well. Sean has been the go-to guy and I wish him great continued success as the owner of C&H.

  4. Wow! This is the best news I’ve read all month! Congratulations to
    Sean and Steve – and to our Town, wh8ch 8s so fortunate to have such a well-regarded, privately owned business in town.

    We’ve relied on Sean and Steve and the wonderful team at C&H for since we moved here (hundreds of years ago!) Many more times than I’d like to count they (and Leo, years and years ago) helped me out with car issues when our girls were tiny, and now as an adult our older daughter has introduced her fiance to C&H as well (sniff 🥲).

    They are literally The Best.

  5. Congrats, Sean! This is great news. So happy for you.
    Steve, I’ll miss you, but you have created a wonderful, ethical, professional place for Sean to lead.
    To both of you: enjoy this next chapter!

  6. We have used C&H for years. They are great. Best to Steve for many years of straight talk and good guidance. We have dealt with Sean for many years and look forward to many more.
    Dick Campbell

  7. Everyone at C&H are professional and wonder. Every time I need work on my car I go to the best— C&H.
    Good Luck Sean
    Good Luck to Steve in his endeavors. Terry Hanratty

  8. Bravo Sean!! C&H always goes the extra mile to take care of its customers!
    A hometown station run by hometown great guys!

  9. So very proud of you my son! You have always been dedicated to your work and to C&H and look how it’s paid off!! Congratulations

    • Congratulations Sean; I knew you many years ago. And congratulations to mom, Jane for raising a great son. Jane, glad you are keeping up with the news in your old hometown.

  10. Thank you New Canaan. It has been an Incredible 32 year journey, servicing our community with passion, determination and a pure love for what we do. Lisa and I will never forget the home we built and the community we served, and the many friends we made along the way. I am so proud of each and everyone at C&H, their passion and abilities are truly amazing. Congratulations Sean, It is well deserved and long over due! We wish you all the success in the world, and thank you for the 30 year friendship and all the memories and stories that go with it.
    Stephen Gaeta

    • Congratulations Steve! Wishing you, Lisa, and your family all the best in your next chapter. As a business owner in the same field, we have enjoyed a long-time mutual relationship with C&H auto, frequently referring customers and vehicles between us based on need. You successfully grew an ethical well-run business and Sean will do a great job carrying that on. We look forward to many more decades in business together. Best, Leo

  11. Congratulations to Steve and Sean! You both did a fantastic job servicing our various cars for over 25+ years. While now in Florida, we’re happy for New Canaan that C and H remains in Sean’s capable hands! Steve, enjoy your retirement! Sean, be sure to contact us when next in Vero Beach to visit your Mom!

  12. Sean congratulations! You and Steve have always been great guys over the years 🙂 Best of luck with the business, I’m sure it will be as busy as always.

    And Steve, I hope you have a wonderful retirement. You worked hard for so many years, you’ve earned some relaxing family time.

    Thanks to both of you for giving me a ride home and picking me up when my car was ready.

  13. To the best mechanic,husband and Dad… what can I say you deserve it all! We love you and are so grateful to be on this ride with you.. love you beyond measure🫶🏻

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