New Condo Complex Appeals Tax Assessment 


The owners of a new condo development on Vitti Street on Friday filed a complaint in state Superior Court challenging the town’s tax assessment of the property.

The $10,183,810 assessment in October of 23 Vitti St. was “grossly excessive, disproportionate and unlawful,” according to the complaint filed on behalf of the owners of Gramercy Park Condominium.

“The Town of New Canaan’s Assessment was manifestly excessive and could not have been carried at except by disregarding the provisions of the statutes for determining the valuation of such Property,” according to a complaint from attorney Todd Lampert of New Canaan-based Lampert, Toohey & Rucci LLC.

The property at 23 Vitti Street was sold for $1,525,000 in February 2016, tax records show. The same ownership company bought a contiguous property at 72 East Ave. for $1.3 million March 2018, tax records show.

The New Canaan Town Clerk’s office on Dec. 1 received a 36-page declaration creating the condominium. Submitted plans show the Vitti Street development, conceived more than four years ago, includes 10 residential units and one commercial unit. It’s owned by a limited liability company that itself is owned by a second LLC whose principal is New Canaan-based Cambridge Hanover, a property investment firm, according to records on file with the Connecticut Secretary of the State.

The ownership company, CH VITTI STREET, applaud the assessment to the Board of Assessment Appeals but on Feb. 24 was notified that the appeal “was dismissed and will not be heard,” the complaint said.

The lawsuit seeks a reduction in the assessment, reduction in tax, refund or credit—with interest—of any excess taxes paid, costs for the complaint and “[a]ll other relief as to justice and equity appertains,” the complaint said. The citation was filed Monday in the Town Clerk’s office.

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