Letter: Colm Dobbyn for Town Council

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The town of New Canaan is very fortunate to have Colm Dobbyn offering his time, skills and expertise to become a member of our Town Council. His 35-year legal background, 26 years living in New Canaan, corporate role with MasterCard, and experience on the Inland Wetlands Commission give him the skills and background to be a very effective member.  

I have participated with Colm knocking on the doors of our New Canaan homes and asking our residents what issues are important to them.  t is clear he has listened and as a result has formulated a platform that he will work diligently to execute.  

Colm’s focus will be: (1) commitment to supporting excellent New Canaan public schools; (2) protecting the distinctive character and environment of our town; (3) open and transparent government; (4) to seek to make New Canaan’s legislative entity more responsive to the concerns of our residents; and (5) will advocate for all of the people.  

I strongly support the election of Colm Dobbyn for Town Council

Rich Lurie

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