Letter: Town Council Candidate Colm Dobbyn ‘Smart, Thoughtful, Fair-Minded and Caring’


Colm Dobbyn is exactly the kind of resident we need on Town Council. He is smart, thoughtful, fair-minded and caring. As a corporate attorney, currently at MasterCard and formerly at PepsiCo, Colm has experience in analyzing complex problems and identifying creative solutions. He has applied these skills very effectively on the Inland Wetlands Commission, on which he has served for ten plus years—as I have for the last seven. Colm is a very good listener and a thought-leader able to persuade other commission members to support his clear-sighted and balanced point of view.

Letter: Colm Dobbyn for Town Council

The town of New Canaan is very fortunate to have Colm Dobbyn offering his time, skills and expertise to become a member of our Town Council. His 35-year legal background, 26 years living in New Canaan, corporate role with MasterCard, and experience on the Inland Wetlands Commission give him the skills and background to be a very effective member.  

I have participated with Colm knocking on the doors of our New Canaan homes and asking our residents what issues are important to them.  t is clear he has listened and as a result has formulated a platform that he will work diligently to execute.  

Colm’s focus will be: (1) commitment to supporting excellent New Canaan public schools; (2) protecting the distinctive character and environment of our town; (3) open and transparent government; (4) to seek to make New Canaan’s legislative entity more responsive to the concerns of our residents; and (5) will advocate for all of the people.  

I strongly support the election of Colm Dobbyn for Town Council

Rich Lurie