15 thoughts on “Proposal for New Police Station on Saxe Baseball Field Unveiled

  1. Once again our First Selectman tries to railroad the town into unacceptable choices. Somehow this seems like a poorly conceived plan without the full support of the Town Council. Bring it to a popular vote! And how about fixing the roads in this town before we go on another building spree?

  2. This moves the police station further away from the center of town, increasing the response time to the north of town. I’m not sure I understand the goal. The response time should be the primary goal, followed by the other goals. At no point should response time worsen. Factor in school traffic and any call during school rush hour gets an even slower response.

  3. Excellent reporting on the meeting, Mike. I encourage NC residents to contact the BOF, TC and BOS with your opinions on the various proposed plans.

  4. The police station needs to be centrally located to get to calls as fast as possible. Saxe/NCHS/SouthSchool is gridlocked during drop offs and pickups so putting emergency response services there doesn’t seem like great idea. Majority of calls will be toward town/north of station.

    • Thank you for submitting your comment. The architects did address this concern, and if I heard them right, what they’re saying is that the location of modern police stations is not important in terms of emergency response, because officers are dispersed throughout town while on patrol during their shifts. That is the key to fast response times, that remote distribution, not quick routing from the police headquarters itself, is what they’ve said.

      • Since the architects are so knowledgeable on police work maybe the town should consult with them on the recent car theft crime wave. While the design is spectacular, the location does not seem optimum to anyone who has sat in that school related traffic jam both mornings and afternoons.

          • Fair enough Michael but back to the matter at hand. I would feel better if there was a metric based study of police response times as opposed to anecdotal stories from the architect. It would seem easy enough to do a scatter plot of current police response times and compare to projected response times from a new location. It doesn’t sound like the architects have spent any time on South Avenue during the morning rush hour when cars heading north towards Farm Road are backed up past The Y and cars heading south are backed up to 106.

  5. this is NOT A GOOD IDEA!
    Sounds like a railroad job! millions for a library and millions more for a new police station! use a shooting range somewhere else and don’t take field\open space.south avenue is crowed enough!!!

  6. This is almost $1000 per square foot, on a supposedly congenial building site. Wilton’s police station proposal is around $850, for a building 2/3 the size of our proposed station. Usually, there are economies of scale as building size increases. What accounts for the diseconomies of scale in the New Canaan proposal?

  7. NO – Fix the police station we have and build/re-due shooting range in the basement of that building. There is all ready 3 schools at that intersection. Plus police respond from the station all the time – You want them always flying lights and sirens past 3 schools and kids or testing there lights and sirens on the cop cars next to a school every shift?

  8. p.s. – The police dept. is one of the biggest users of New Canaan EMS for calls to people in jail – So it makes sense to keep them right next to each other.

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