6 thoughts on “Moynihan: Best Option for Future Police Station Is To Build Anew Elsewhere in New Canaan

  1. Better start buying land downtown if your going to do that – Because no one is going to want to hear the police testing police car sirens and flashing police car lights every shift in there neighborhood – Renovation/add on – is the best way forward for this town. Putting it on the middle school fields is out of the question for most of New Canaanite’s I bet.

  2. Putting the police station on the ball field increases the response time to most all of northern New Canaan by a couple of minutes. I would look at response times to the north, south, east and west as guidance towards the best centralized location.

  3. I’m curious to know what New Canaan’s actual police want. Also interested in knowing if the on-site EMT building is included in these new development schemes.

  4. This historic school building could be converted into housing, as was done so beautifully next door. The inappropriate 1980’s windows should be replaced with copies of originals, as in next door. DO NOT DEMOLISH IT!!

  5. Re Skip Hobbs’ suggestion to swap land for the library project (build it on the Center School lot): Could the current library building be converted to a police station?

    Re the excellent suggestion to build more senior housing where the current police station is: What about that CCRC that Waveny wants? Wouldn’t that be a good location? Or a more affordable paradigm than the paradigm for that CCRC. Or more affordable apartments like the Schoolhouse Apartments, which seems to always have a long waiting list.

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