One thought on “First Selectman: ‘Serious Interest’ in Developing Police Department Building as Senior Housing

  1. My first thought on this subject is… If the police station becomes a senior housing unit, will there be adequate parking? The police station is now located on a main road making it convenient for unobstructed access to South Ave. The Covia building is in a more congested area and may cause a delay in getting to their destination. I say this because I have lived at the Schoolhouse Apt’s for the past fourteen years and experienced times when people parked, who don’t live here create a problem for those who do. There are times when meetings are held in either the Schoolhouse Apt’s, or the police station that create the same situation. Bringing a larger population to that area will only bring more congestion and problems.
    Also if the town owns the Schoolhouse property, as I have been told.
    Why didn’t they repave the parking lot at the same time as the police station was done?
    N. Jensen

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