2 thoughts on “Committee Member: Moynihan Group Looking To Site New Police Station on School Grounds

  1. While I am in the minority here in town, this is not the way I think our First Selectman should operate. Full transparency and respect for one and all would seem a better way to go, but we will not know for at least another 27 months. In the last two years we still do not have any publicly discussed future plans for any of our buildings…Waveny, Vine Cottage, Irwin House, the Playhouse, the Police Station etc. While Covid might have made the discussions more virtual, there is no reason other than a lack of desire to hold same, that we have made virtually no progress on these or other matters.

  2. It seems to me that we have little transparency even between elected officials, and an overly assertive and confrontational first selectmen. I would prefer to see open and respectful discussion in our local government. I also think the present PD is ideally located to reach all parts of town and right next door to EMS. Locating it on school grounds takes away from their leisure facilities, means the disruption of sirens comes from two different locations and presents a safety risk with officers responding to emergencies in the vicinity of children mulling around. To sell the existing PD building to create even more apartments in my opinion would be detrimental to the town.

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