Letter: Don’t Build a New Road Through Waveny 


The recent recommendation floated to build a new road through Waveny Park runs counter to the intent of creation of the Park and its still ongoing even greater necessity in protection of that covenant. The increased development nearby since Waveny’s creation reinforces the need for open space to counterbalance that development. The public will has already established by way of referendum, under a previous threat of development, the need to preserve Waveny as a park.

In addition to Waveny’s structured recreational uses, Waveny serves as a sanctuary to the body, mind and spirit in the natural or passive open space areas that are used by large numbers of people daily. As a natural area there are manifold reasons not to fragment the valuable natural areas of the park.

Sometimes where there is a disconnect for safety, health and the environment, safety and health concerns can sometimes supersede environmental concerns. There is no compelling need to create an additional road here.

There may be those who do not appreciate the intrinsic value of natural areas or the free engineered services provided by them. Many realtors know that a tree in the front yard adds five to ten percent to a property’s value. Waveny serves as the front door for entry into New Canaan. While the current real estate market is abnormal with high values, it was not too long ago that the market was depressed. Cutting up Waveny in this way would decrease the sub-urban value of New Canaan.

Jim Westlake

6 thoughts on “Letter: Don’t Build a New Road Through Waveny 

  1. Thank you Jim for raising this issue. Waveny is already loaded with traffic, as users of the Park come and go. It would be a shame to further increase the amount of traffic pouring through there.

    Please leave it as the park it was intended to be.

  2. The portion of the park that is being considered for a road has a walking path that is heavily used in the morning by walkers and joggers. The one way school route has already added more traffic to that intersection. There should be no need to add another intersection.

  3. Waveny certainly does not need a new road but the town absolutely needs to address the morning traffic problem on South Ave. On a daily basis traffic is backed up to the 106 traffic light all the way to Farm Road.

  4. I agree with Mr. Westlake. We shouldn’t add a new road to our beautiful park. To add a road invites more traffic, and both the traffic and the new road would run counter to this magnificent park with all its precious open space.

  5. Hi Jim,
    This would probably be a great item for you to discuss with the BOE candidates – most candidates I believe have endorsed or at least agreed to changed school start times, which I think based on the Chair of the T/C comments may be related to some need behind this. How this change may impact traffic in that area is important. How those candidates make the town / BOE relationship work well is a perfect case study of how to achieve multiple objectives for the community at the same time.

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