Letter from First Selectman Kevin Moynihan 


Dear New Canaan Citizens,

As I complete a decade of public service to New Canaan — four years on the Town Council and six years as First Selectman — I want to thank all of our citizens, past and present, for giving me the opportunity to represent and lead our wonderful town. It has been an honor and privilege of a lifetime.

When my wife Mim and I moved to New Canaan 42 years ago we had no idea what an amazing community we were joining. 

When I retired in 2009 from a very gratifying 35-year legal career on Wall Street, I never dreamed of running for public office or being First Selectman.

It has been a pleasure working with so many of our fellow citizens on boards and commissions and with our town employees to help make New Canaan the best town we can be. To those who served with us, I say thank you for your friendship and your service.

I am especially proud of the many things we were able to accomplish together to improve the beauty, character, sustainability, accessibility, and efficiency of our schools, our parks, our infrastructure and our health and human services. Together, we handled the Covid pandemic better than most any other town or city in Connecticut.

Mim and I aren’t going anywhere as we are very fortunate to have our son and our daughter and five beautiful grandchildren close by in Greenwich. We look forward to continuing to live in and serve New Canaan again in the future.

In closing, I want to congratulate Dionna Carlson on her victory and wish her administration well.

Thank you, New Canaan. 

And Happy Thanksgiving to all.


9 thoughts on “Letter from First Selectman Kevin Moynihan 

  1. Kevin: Thank you for your many accomplishments during your tenure as First Selectman of our special community. There is much on which to look back and be justly proud. All the best for a deserved respite! Respectfully, Alan

  2. Kevin,
    You have been an outstanding First Selectman for 4 years in New Canaan,
    and I know Bailey would join me in thanking you for all you’ve done to help New Canaan be the wonderful town we all so enjoy!
    The very best to you, Mim & your family.
    Gail Stewart

  3. Thanks for getting cell phone service in northern NC and propane into the center of town. While the roads did suck, the benefits will be worth it.

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