Letter from First Selectman Kevin Moynihan 

Dear New Canaan Citizens,

As I complete a decade of public service to New Canaan — four years on the Town Council and six years as First Selectman — I want to thank all of our citizens, past and present, for giving me the opportunity to represent and lead our wonderful town. It has been an honor and privilege of a lifetime. When my wife Mim and I moved to New Canaan 42 years ago we had no idea what an amazing community we were joining. 

When I retired in 2009 from a very gratifying 35-year legal career on Wall Street, I never dreamed of running for public office or being First Selectman. It has been a pleasure working with so many of our fellow citizens on boards and commissions and with our town employees to help make New Canaan the best town we can be. To those who served with us, I say thank you for your friendship and your service.

Letter: First Selectman on Ethics Board Report

Last week, after nearly 12 hours of meetings in 9 sessions from November 9, 2021, to May 12, 2022, the Ethics Board of the Town of New Canaan voted 4 to 1 to issue a Report and Determination on a Complaint filed against me last November 1st by Ms. Micaela Porta. 

Ms. Porta was then President of the League of Women Voters of New Canaan but she was also known to be active in Democratic politics and progressive causes. Ms. Porta has admitted that she was approached by Democratic party operatives about the Letter and Ms. Porta herself enlisted the support of two prominent leaders of the Democratic Party (current Selectman Kathleen Corbett and former Selectman Beth Jones) in making the argument that there was something wrong with the Letter in regard to how I described CT minority representation law as it applied to the 2021 municipal election ballot. Accordingly, I believe that the Complaint was politically motivated and that the Ethics Board was weaponized for political purposes. 

The Complaint involved a single campaign endorsement letter (the “Letter”) that I wrote last October at the request of the Republican Town Committee (“RTC”) recommending the Republican slate of candidates to new voters, including the Republican slate of four Board of Education candidates. As First Selectman, I was a candidate for re-election, and, as such, I had a duty to communicate my views to the New Canaan electorate.  It is also my right pursuant to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to do so. In her Complaint, Ms. Porta alleged that I violated several sections of the Ethics Code claiming:

 First, that I “used [my] position and access to resident names and addresses to give preferential treatment to one slate of candidates,” and

Second, that the Letter was “misleading to voters,” “erroneous” in its description of Connecticut election law and that Town citizens were “confused” by it.

Op-Ed: 2020—A Year of Accomplishments Despite A Pandemic

It is difficult to look back and remember the year 2020. In so many ways it was a lost year—lost lifetime memories, lost opportunities and lost friends and loved ones. Most of the first quarter of 2020 was what we now recall fondly as “normal”. We began the year debating topics that seemed important, like whether later school start times would be healthier for our older students, and whether we might improve our town’s competitiveness and real estate values by increasing the frequency of, or at least by reducing the travel time for, trains to Manhattan. The last nine months of 2020 was dominated by the COVID virus.

Op-Ed: We Will Get Through This Together 

Dear New Canaan friends and neighbors,

As a town and as a nation, we are now a month into the most challenging health emergency we have seen in our lifetimes. 

I would like to take a brief timeout to acknowledge and thank our local teams of professionals and volunteers who are working diligently and selflessly to protect and serve our town at this time of great turbulence and fear. First, our Emergency Management Director Mike Handler (a resident and long-time volunteer EMT) and our indomitable Health Director Jen Eielson are leading a team in our “virtual” Emergency Operations Center that is second to none. Mike is the “Voice of 7:00 pm” that is keeping you all informed and hopefully comforting you to know that our town is in good hands. Jen is working literally day and night to guide and direct us to healthy outcomes. I extend my heartfelt personal thanks to Mike and Jen for their leadership and dedication.

Letter: New Canaan Loses Veterans’ Leader and Hero with Passing of Peter Langenus

On behalf of our town, I want to note with great sadness the passing of Peter Langenus on January 17th due to cancer. Peter was a U.S. Army combat veteran of the Vietnam War serving there in 1970 and he also was activated to service in Desert Storm in 1991.  He retired from the Army as a Colonel and during his career was awarded the Legion of Merit, 3 Bronze Stars, 12 meritorious service medals and 12 other individual medals. As Commander of local VFW Lodge 653, Peter for many years organized the Town’s annual Memorial Day Parade and Lakeview Cemetery Ceremony honoring New Canaan’s war dead and also organized and led the Town’s annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony at God’s Acre. Peter also led the annual placing of flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day and wreaths at Christmas time. He organized and led the effort to memorialize New Canaan veterans’ names on plaques hanging in the entry hall at Town Hall, and assisted an Eagle Scout candidate’s project in November 2019 to display photos of New Canaan veterans on lamp posts downtown.