Letter: Kevin Moynihan Has Advanced Environmental Sustainability Projects

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To the Editor:

Everyone who lives and works in New Canaan will benefit from the environmental sustainability projects Kevin Moynihan, first selectman, has advanced. Results will include reduced operating expenses for homes and buildings, cleaner air and enhanced community and natural open spaces.

I am an energy and environmental consultant providing advisory services to the town of New Canaan, and a former resident. During the 13 years I lived in town I was a member of the New Canaan Conservation Commission, Long Range Planning Committee and a trustee of the New Canaan Nature Center. During that time, I advocated for a comprehensive sustainability plan and was met with great frustration. There was no solar on any municipal building and the gas plan was abandoned.

Now it’s all happening and New Canaan should be proud of its leadership that is making good change happen.

The natural gas project brings a continuous supply of fuel to buildings and homes so they may convert to a cleaner, cheaper and lower emission source of energy. Restaurants can remove clusters of pressurized propane tanks and homes can eliminate oil tanks, decreasing fire risks and insurance premiums. 

The clean flue gas produced as a result of burning natural gas (as opposed to oil) facilitates heat recovery, enhancing efficiency and reducing atmospheric heat emissions. Availability of gas now allows for implementation of Combined Heat and Power generators. These ultra-efficient generators, providing continuous electrical power and producing free heat, will be implemented at town facilities including the water treatment plant. 

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