Letter: New Canaan ‘Lucky’ To Have Rich Townsend Running for Town Council


I have no direct ties to Rich, but after witnessing his first debate this summer I was moved by his down to earth practical approach: make every decision based on the impact it will have on property values (as a whole).

I walked away feeling New Canaan is lucky to have him running for office. Stanford MBA, Former CFO of Loral Space & Communications, long history living and raising his family in New Canaan and time … to work for the benefit of New Canaan. This town is in need of more smart, independent and transparent elected officials working as a team to accomplish goals. This town needs leadership that will come with this election.

The town in facing many issues where there is a not an easy answer: maintaining quality of life while balancing increasing costs (and taxes), fighting with the State over grants and funding, addressing the shortage of downtown AND commuter parking, addressing the underutilized and costly town buildings currently on the books. The list goes on and on. I would encourage all our elected officials and town volunteers to evaluate every option and make quick decisions. I have confidence that Rich will bring new ideas and perspectives while balancing issues faced by both younger commuter families and older retiree families.

Join me in supporting Rich and the entire Republican slate running for office next month.

Greg Ethridge

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