Letter: New Canaan’s Community Foundation and Tiny Miracles

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As the mom of a very low birth weight baby, I understand the anguish and daily uncertainty that consumes a parent after giving birth to a premature child. 

Nothing prepares you for the shock of seeing your vulnerable newborn hooked up to tubes and monitors in a bustling neonatal intensive care unit. The long days of sitting vigil in intensive care accumulate into weeks and months, as the emotional and financial toll continue to mount simultaneously. Upon discharge, these tiniest of babies may require years of additional follow-up and medical treatment.

The Tiny Miracles Foundation has not only been providing compassionate service to families of premature babies in our community since 2004 but has also established a Financial Assistance Program to help with rent, utilities and basic needs and supplies so that economically distressed families are able to welcome their child home into a safe environment.

Since the pandemic began, the need for financial assistance has risen dramatically. More people in our area are living at poverty level or below, and with many small businesses closing, job security is tenuous at best. Imagine having to choose between visiting your child in the hospital or earning critical wages to make ends meet. Tiny Miracles is working diligently to alleviate the burden of making this impossible choice.

Therefore, on behalf of the New Canaan Community Foundation, I would like to thank the many generous donors to the local COVID-19 Response Fund. In December, the fifth and largest round of COVID emergency grants were allocated to twenty local non-profits, including Tiny Miracles. 

In addition to emergency financial assistance, other grantees received funds for food assistance, housing, mental health programs and healthcare. Since March, more than $660,000 has been dispersed for emergency COVID relief. 

Unfortunately, the repercussions of the pandemic will be felt for months ahead, and many are still in need. If you would like to make a donation or learn more about the New Canaan Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, please visit www.newcanaancf.org.

Karen Mactas

New Canaan resident

Member, New Canaan Community Foundation Board of Directors member and COVID-19 Response Fund task force

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