Letter: ‘Thank You’ from New Canaan Preservation Alliance


To the New Canaan Community,

A big “Thank You” to the many New Canaanites who stopped by the New Canaan Preservation Alliance Booth at Saturday’s Sidewalk Sale. Thank you for your overwhelming support for Saving Our 1913 Library. We had young families, longtime New Canaan residents, Glass House visitors from far away, local politicians, community leaders and individual youngsters coming over to tell us they want to see the 1913 Library preserved right where it has always stood.

It was a great opportunity to discuss what exactly the Planning & Zoning Commission’s vote on Tuesday, July 13th actually meant. Though we are waiting for the official wording from P&Z, it is far from a “done deal.” The most common question was, “What can I do to help?” Our answer was and is, write to our town officials, , the New Canaan Library Board members, the media and tell them you want our 1913 Library to be preserved in situ.

The show of support underscored what the Friends of Our 1913 Library have known all along. This is a treasured building to New Canaanites, young, old, new, and established. Visitors coming to see our Moderns recognize the importance of a complete architectural story. Most importantly it reinforced what we have observed as a groundswell of support for preserving that which is important to so many, that which has meant so much and still on a daily basis means to our community.

So “Thank You” again to New Canaan for stopping by, for expressing your support, for offering to let our Town officials know that you want Our 1913 Library to be preserved in situ and to remain, “The Cornerstone of Our Town.”

Thank you,

Rose Scott Long Rothbart
New Canaan Preservation Alliance
Friends of Our 1913 Library Committee

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