Letter: The New Canaan Beautification League’s Important Work


Living in New Canaan, we are all attuned to the changing of the seasons, and the season of growing is fast approaching. With that in mind, we hope you will donate to support the New Canaan Beautification League. Every dollar goes towards our year-round efforts to keep New Canaan beautiful, blooming, and buzzing.

Town Hall’s planters are beautified and maintained by the New Canaan Beautification League. Photo Credit: Emilia Savini

Have you ever stopped by the mailboxes on Pine Street and noticed the bees enjoying our pollinator-friendly garden, planted with strategic (and stunning) seasonal blooms? That’s us. Have you seen vibrant flowers in the 225 hanging baskets downtown during a summer evening stroll and wondered how they got there? That’s us, too. Did you spot cheerful wreaths and cheeky gnomes downtown during the holiday season? Have you stopped by Lee Garden on Chichester Road to visit the jewel-box garden of specimen azaleas and rhododendrons when they bloom in May? Those are us, too.

New Canaan Beautification League Members Kathy Lapolla and Faith Kerchoff at the Lee Memorial Garden. Credit: Robin Bates-Mason

All of these efforts are thanks to nearly 200 talented volunteers in the New Canaan Beautification League. We are a varied, vibrant, and deeply creative community, from first-time gardeners to local legends, and between us, hold a treasure trove of gardening knowledge that we put to good use in public spaces in town. Partnering with the town, we’re proud of what we accomplish every year. But we can’t do it without you!

Please know that your tax-deductible donation is an investment in our gorgeous community and the dedicated volunteers who care about New Canaan as much as you do.

Thank you!

Karen Hanson and Carol Seldin
Co-Presidents, New Canaan Beautification League

6 thoughts on “Letter: The New Canaan Beautification League’s Important Work

  1. We are so grateful to the NCBL for the wonderful work they do around town and also for the beauty and joy they bring to Waveny LifeCare Network at our Farm Rd campus. The NCBL team participate in our rotation of groups creating beautiful floral arrangements for our dining room and public spaces and have also been invaluable in assisting with the design, donation and planting of new shrubs and perennials bringing fresh color to our outdoor landscaping.
    With deepest appreciation from residents, patients and staff of Waveny!

  2. Thank you New Canaan Beautification League! The plantings around town never fail to boost my mood, and I’m so grateful to those who put in the work to make such beauty happen all over our town.

  3. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful organization at the heart of our community with so many amazing volunteers dedicated to making our beautiful town ‘the next station to heaven’. Thank you for all the work you do, looking forward to getting out there again soon!

  4. I recently joined NCBL and while not a very active member I love this group of citizens who really care about making Our community more beautiful and bringing cheer to those in need. Please join me in making a donation this year!

  5. The New Canaan Beautification League has kept our town beautiful and in bloom for over 50 years. Community donations enable volunteers to work their horticultural magic all across town- from tending to Lee Garden, roadside triangles and pocket gardens – to creating holiday wreaths, planters, and hanging baskets downtown. Donations also support the League’s special projects, such as the recent replanting of Mead Park’s Gold Star Walk, as well as monthly garden-related talks which are free and open to the public. Please show your appreciation for all that the NCBL does for our town by making a gift to their annual spring appeal.

  6. Dear Wonderful and Faithful NCBL workers,
    The title of your community group….New Canaan Beautification League
    is a perfect name! “Beautiful” in mastery and design and “Beautiful” in spirit, working everywhere with “Beautiful” plants and flowers. Thank you for all the planting and all the watering….Your continued maintenance blows me away!
    Happy spring and thank you,

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