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Dear Editor,

One of the podcasts that I’ve included in my listening rotation these past few years has been Bishop Frank Caggiano’s popular “Let Me Be Frank”. It’s a welcome change of pace. I listened to last week’s episode about the National Eucharistic Revival and the title alone contained a word that I’ve probably been needing to articulate for about a year now, since the Diocese of Bridgeport announced in March that Blue Ribbon St. Aloysius School would not be reopening: Revival.

This all follows about two years of fundraising for what was originally advertised as St. Aloysius Academy, Pre-K thru 8th Grade. In time that plan was downgraded to Pre-K thru 4th Grade, a less ambitious undertaking. Fine. But now it’s merely a Pre-K. What’s next?

But let’s get back to that word that I liked so much. Revival. I used the word “revive” in a letter to Bishop Caggiano in a comment on his Facebook page that always promotes his newest podcast. I later shared the letter with friends from St. Aloysius, along with friends who are town leaders, to get their opinions on my suggestion. Why? Because the fundraising is still going on, the new building hasn’t gone up yet and, and most importantly, there’s still time to support Monsignor Rob’s original vision for the school. The responses I’ve received from everybody have been unanimously positive; that is, except for those who want to keep the current plan for the awkwardly named “St. Aloysius Catholic Pre-School and Religious Education Center” in place – except that it sounds like a branch office of the Diocese of Bridgeport. We can do better than that. We’re New Canaan.

I suggested a “revival” of an idea to the Bishop. And now I’m sharing that letter with all of you because I think it’s exactly what St. Aloysius and the town of New Canaan deserves. Besides, we happen to have a local hero named Monsignor Rob Kinnally who is, let’s face it, a living legend.

Here goes: “Congratulations on your 200th episode of your wonderful podcast. I was so honored to have been a part of one of those episodes when I did the VoiceOver for an amazing Lenten homily. That was the highlight of my Diocesan volunteer work that includes my lector and narration experiences at St. Aloysius Church, here in New Canaan. Our pastor, Monsignor Rob Kinnally, is the finest leader that New Canaan Catholics have ever known. We are so blessed to know him, help him and respect his wishes. Having said that, I suggest that he be forever honored by your consideration of supporting the St. Aloysius Kinnally Academy, Pre-K thru 4th Grade, for starters. Of course there will be plenty of room for CCD classes, a Youth Center, meeting rooms and the already-planned outdoor chapel. A New Canaan Catholic School with Monsignor Rob as its founder will be a gift for generations to come. Thank you for listening to my ideas. Perhaps we could discuss it on your podcast along with anyone else who you think might support my views and my interests in funding a revived St. Aloysius Academy.”


John Patrick Walsh

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