Letter: Trump Hasn’t Earned New Canaan Republicans’ Votes

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To whom it may concern,

Since my family and I moved to New Canaan in December of 2001 we have felt welcomed by this community. Even though we immigrated here from Mexico, the bonds of shared community and friendship have never been deprived from us. We have strived to be strong citizens of our adopted country and our town, which is why I feel compelled to plead with the good people of New Canaan to not vote for Donald Trump this November.

I cherish the conservative nature of New Canaan. A strong embrace of limited government and business friendly politics provides a necessary check on Democrats’ excesses, locally, statewide and nationally. But Mr. Trump will not provide that “check” [that] Republicans here, and across the country seek to impose on Democrats. Instead, his proposals runs contrary to conservative positions and at times are blatantly unconstitutional. He wants to deny first amendment rights to Muslims, reduce the freedom of the press through draconian libel laws, and deny birthright citizenship which is ensured through the 14th Amendment. Additionally, he would decrease revenue irresponsibly, while simultaneously increasing spending on defense and entitlements—a recipe for disaster and a mountain of debt.

Trump’s worst attribute is his blatant appeal to our fears. His demagoguery over Muslims and immigrants has coarsened the racial divide. He frequently elevates far-right zealots who peddle racism and conspiracy theories, such as Alex Jones (who most famously claimed Sandy Hook was faked), by re-Tweeting them and appearing with them.

I understand that many right-leaning New Canaanites may feel uncomfortable voting for anyone other than a Republican, but Trump is different. When my parents and I were naturalized we swore a sacred oath to this country and its constitution, “that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Today, I call upon all members of this community to look within themselves and meditate about the choice they have this election. Donald Trump stands in opposition to every ideal that has made this nation and this town great. You must not vote for him.

Juan Pablo Rivera Garza

9 thoughts on “Letter: Trump Hasn’t Earned New Canaan Republicans’ Votes

  1. How nice that you can live in a country that allows you to voice your opinion as a non citizen…as I assume you not as of yet. I too am an immigrant, my family and I came to this country legally…worked hard…and respect it’s laws…Mr. Trump is asking for nothing less.

    I agree 100% with him! And will vote for him!


    • I agree with Mr. Garza. I really think Trump would bow out of the race for President but is to arrogant to do so.

  2. Hear! Hear! You’ve expressed eloquently the concerns of many of us. I believe there are many thinking conservatives in New Canaan who would not put our country at risk. Mr. Trump is not qualified in experience or temperament to be Commander in Chief.

  3. Excuse me but you are a legal immigrant like the rest of our families. What Donald Trump is speaking about is ILLEGAL immigrants ( the operative word is illegal) who broke the law. Additionally he did not say ban all Muslims only those who could not be vetted. A lot of illegal immigrants live in sanctuary cities which is a drain on our economy and lower wages for many legal American citizens. As Russia revisits the Cold War along with China, North Korea anISIS looks to destroy our way of life and butcher our Judeo Christian beliefs and citizens spending on defensive and stopping one sided disarmament is key to our survival as a nation. This election is about preserving our way of life as documented in our constitution by our founding fathers and not destroying it through open borders and globalization. I trust you have no problem with Hilliary Clinton making hundreds of millions of dollars by selling political favors while Secretary of State to countries that persecute Woman, Christians and Jews. She jeapordized our national security and safety for personal gain. Sold 20 % of our uranium reserves to Russia, and is funded by people such as the Nazi informant globalist Soros. Methinks your conclusions are wrong for American. I am an American citizen of Russian and Hungarian immigrants who followed the law and cam to this great country LEGALLY. I support Donald Trump and all Republican candidates for the preservation of our constitution and way of life.

    Roy A Abramowitz

    • Thank you, Roy, for stating the real facts of the matter. Too bad the media doesn’t do the same so voters can make an informed decision on election day.

      • That’s the great thing about this country-I don’t agree with anything DJT or Roy has said. And I’ll be voting for Hillary to make my voice heard. Trump is a joke. So glad we only have a few more days until he’s back on the NYC charity gala circuit where he belongs. As Mr.Khan, a Gold Star father said–Trump has sacrificed NOTHING and NO ONE.

        • Good vote for corruption, dishonesty, the Soros mandate and the fall of our Judeo Christian heritage. The parents of the Bengazi victims will be proud of you. Talk about a joke!

  4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, while president (POTUS) was once asked to give the opening speech at the annual meeting of the Daughters Of The American Revolution (DAR). He started out be saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow immigrants…”
    He was never invited back again!
    What say did Native Americans (formerly known as American Indians) have to say about their country being taken from them?
    Where are all the TRUMP (DUMP) signs on peoples lawns in NC… too embarrassed to put them up?