Letter: Vote for Republican Candidates on Election Day


Dear Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to encourage your readers to vote for the Republican slate of candidates on November 7.

We are very fortunate to have a talented group of candidates. Kevin Moynihan has a wealth of experience on the local scene as well as state and national levels. He will make an excellent first selectman. Andrew Brooks has transformed the office of treasurer to one of significance, relevancy and responsibility. John Engel and Penny Young bring needed and welcome perspectives and experience to the Town Council. And we will welcome the knowledge and impressive backgrounds and experiences of newcomers Tom Butterworth and Richard Townsend.

As a Councilman, I will welcome working once again with Ms. Young and Mr. Engel and I look forward to the valuable relationships and experiences Messrs. Butterworth and Townsend will add. Treasurer Brooks’ independence is a refreshing addition to our town. And Kevin Moynihan has demonstrated an understanding of the needs of the town during his tenure on the Town Council that will benefit all of us.

While I would encourage voting for all Republican candidates, these ladies and gentlemen in particular are being challenged by opposition candidates—candidates who do not share the Republican values of reliance on the individual and limited government and taxation. Give them the voice they need to practice those beliefs and values by voting for them on November 7.


Kenneth Campbell


5 thoughts on “Letter: Vote for Republican Candidates on Election Day

  1. “Kevin Moynihan has a wealth of experience on the local scene as well as state and national levels. ”

    This experience you refer to includes serving as a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention last year. That fact alone (and the critical lack of judgement it indicates on Mr. Moynihan’s part) is disqualifying for this Republican voter to ever support Mr Moynihan, even if he were running for dog catcher.

  2. As a life-long Republican, a New Canaan resident of 21 years, a past New Canaan RTC Treasurer and past candidate for Town Council I agree with supporting our Republican First Selectman, Selectman and Treasurer candidates. However and most importantly for the future of New Canaan I will not vote party slates for Town Council especially for a 20 year 5 term incumbent who has voted for every budget, every project, was against formation of our audit committee and has been around for all the material weaknesses in our financial reporting and also been involved in many lack of transparency issues. Wake up New Canaan. Time to clean the slate not vote the slate for Town Council. We need major change and we need it now

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