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NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letter(s) of endorsement. We will publish endorsement letters from New Canaan residents through Oct. 24. Please send them to editor@newcanaanite.com. 


Editor, New Canaanite:

Amy Murphy Carroll is right in her assessment that we are a better town when we work together. I have been involved in local politics for decades and know from experience that partisan politics do not help our schools, our finances or our community. It’s time to go back to leadership that picks the right people for the job regardless of political affiliation. I urge you to join me in voting for Amy Murphy Carroll for First Selectman on November 7.

Beth Jones


Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Dionna Carlson for First Selectman. Dionna’s exceptional leadership qualities, dedication to public service, and deep understanding of the needs of our community make her the perfect choice to lead our town.

Having had the privilege of working closely with Dionna on various community initiatives, I have witnessed firsthand her unwavering commitment to New Canaan. She possesses a unique ability to listen attentively to the concerns of others and translate those concerns into effective policies and actions. Her inclusive approach ensures that all voices are heard and considered, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within our community.

Dionna’s extensive experience in local government and her proven track record of success make her an exceptional candidate for the role of First Selectman. Her tenure as a member of the Board of Education has demonstrated her ability to navigate complex issues, make tough decisions, and deliver results. Dionna’s strategic vision for New Canaan is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges we face, and she has consistently shown the ability to implement innovative solutions that benefit all residents.

Furthermore, Dionna’s commitment to fiscal responsibility is commendable. She understands the importance of balancing the needs of our community with the financial realities we face. Dionna’s prudent approach to budgeting and her focus on finding cost-effective solutions will ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.

In conclusion, Dionna Carlson possesses the leadership qualities, experience, and dedication necessary to serve as an outstanding First Selectman for New Canaan. Her ability to bring people together, her strategic vision, and her commitment to fiscal responsibility make her the ideal candidate to lead our town. I wholeheartedly endorse Dionna Carlson and urge my fellow residents to join me in supporting her candidacy.


Susan Boston 


Electing Amy Murphy Carroll as First Selectman would be a huge win for New Canaan. It’s hard to imagine anyone better prepared to do the work of New Canaan’s First Selectman. Amy is a graduate of Cornell University and has an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She spent the last 30 years working in municipal finance as an investment industry professional, most recently at JPMorgan.  She also has deep knowledge of New Canaan’s governance, as she has served on our Board of Finance for ten years. Amy will be effective from day one – she’s an expert in municipal finance and for the last decade she has been immersed in the specific issues we face in New Canaan. 

Amy will bring her collaborative and open leadership style to town government, reflecting her campaign’s theme of unifying the town as “One New Canaan.” As she said in a recent interview: “We all have the common goals of maintaining our world-class schools and our amazing town amenities, supported by our top-notch Public Works Department.” She will draw on the town’s “informed, engaged electorate,” to be partners in government so that the First Selectman is seen as a “steward for the town, not just one person’s or one party’s priorities.”

Amy is a 27-year resident of New Canaan and has contributed much to our town. She has made a critical impact during her long tenure on the Board of Finance, serving as the Board of Finance liaison to the Board of Education, Public Works and Parks & Rec and was a member of both the Saxe and Police Building Committees. She co-authored the current Board of Finance Debt Guidelines and is a member of the Retirement Plans Advisory Committee overseeing New Canaan’s pension investments. She knows our town’s finances and government as well as anyone.

Amy has already been an asset to New Canaan and the work she has done has benefited all taxpayers. Please join me in electing Amy to continue her service to the town in the role of First Selectman.

Karen Willett

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