NCHS Boys Soccer Notches 2-1 Victory Over Ludlowe


Senior Captain Jack Cuda

In a thrilling soccer match that left fans on the edge of their seats, the New Canaan High School Rams Soccer Varsity team emerged victorious Tuesday with a hard-fought 2-1 win over the formidable Farfield Ludlowe Falcons. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring outstanding performances, incredible teamwork, and remarkable saves that made it an unforgettable contest.

Senior Captain Augusto Baldini.

Senior Captain and midfielder Augusto Baldini scored both goals for his team, with two crucial assists from Senior Captain and forward Jack Cuda.

Josef Gashi, New Canaan’s goalkeeper, had three outstanding saves within a mere five-minute span. 

While the Rams showcased their prowess in offense, their defense was equally commendable. The Falcons applied relentless pressure in the first part of the second half, creating several promising chances. However, New Canaan’s defense and communication with the offense held firm, thanks to the New Canaan back line, guided by Senior Captains Alex Werner and Nathan Sieckhaus. 

Every other player, including Senior Captain Ted Werner, Momath Seck, Nathan Smock, Tristan Bardales, Rohan Shenoy, Felix Austin, and Brooks Wunderlich displayed unwavering commitment to the Rams’ game plan. Their coordinated teamwork and tenacity were evident in their resolute performance.

The New Canaan High School Rams Boys Varsity Soccer Team.

The collective effort of the entire The New Canaan High School Rams Soccer Varsity team played a pivotal role in securing this well-deserved victory. Players like William Arnold, Marco Tignanelli, Joey DeKlerk, Harrison Steiner, and Dylan Ho brought not only their skills but also their energy and positive vibes to the pitch.

This victory of the New Canaan High School soccer team can largely be attributed to the leadership and coaching talent of Luke Green and  Assistant Coach Stephen Daniels. Coach Green emphasized the importance of studying the opposition, understanding their style of play, and devising strategies accordingly. 

Brooks Wunderlich, Momath Seck, Senior Captain Augusto Baldini, Senior Captain Nathan Sieckhaus, Will Hanover

The 2-1 victory of the The New Canaan High School Rams Soccer Varsity team against Ludlowe was a thrilling showcase of skill, teamwork, and sheer determination. This victory will undoubtedly serve as a wellspring of inspiration for both the team and its dedicated fan base, setting the stage for a promising season ahead. Congratulations, Boys! Go Rams!

Players from the sidelines kept the energy high: Dylan Rees, Nis Tuga, Maximilian Maggard, Brandon Ma, Maxim Barnayk, Christopher Wells,  Luke Zinczenko, Michael Gabriel, Thomas Pisant,  William Hayes and Mason Park.

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