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Dear New Canaanite –

Apparently, this past Sunday New Canaan (again) hosted Caffeine & Carburetors at New Canaan High School.     

The loud and needless revving of engines began at 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I am very sure that the Town has a noise ordinance, that precludes loud motorized activities prior to 8 a.m. on Sundays.  I am equally sure that I am not the only one disturbed by the obvious violation.   

Cars are driven up and down adjacent side streets, mostly speeding but all deliberately “gunning” engines loudly to impress someone. Well, they’ve impressed me enough to write this open letter to our New Canaan community.    

I do not buy the fiction that this “show” brings “thousands of visitors to our town each year.”   Maybe it did in the beginning. Now it just brings the potential for loud, rude behavior, and disruptions on otherwise, quiet, family-oriented Sundays throughout our town.

Mary Aldrich


To the Editor:

Staying Put in New Canaan has launched its Annual Appeal fundraising campaign.

The member-based, volunteer-supported non-profit organization helps senior citizens to stay put in New Canaan and provides a community resource for healthy aging.

Staying Put offers vital assistance to help seniors age in place and stay socially engaged and connected to the community. The important services provided include: transportation, social activities, grocery shopping and errands, visits, help at home, technology assistance, referrals, communication, advice and more.

Staying Put’s fundraising goal this year is to raise enough funds to cover operating expenses. Membership dues are at affordable levels and do not cover all expenses. Staying Put receives no town, state or federal funding and depends on support from the community.

Some people think that they don’t need Staying Put yet but there may come a time when they will be grateful that Staying Put is here. The generous support of donors is essential for Staying Put to be here year after year for everyone in New Canaan.

Thank you for supporting Staying Put in New Canaan and allowing us to provide important services to New Canaan seniors, their loved ones, and the entire community!

For more information, please call 203-966-7762 or visit www.stayingputnc.org. 


Gina Blum, Executive Director

Staying Put in New Canaan


To the Editor: 

As you know, New Canaan Community Foundation has been a philanthropic engine for supporting and encouraging our residents in their philanthropic efforts for over 45 years. The Foundation helps residents to be aware of both familiar and lesser known local not-for-profits which support health and other needs of people in our area. The Foundation is about to launch our 2022 Annual Appeal, and we want to make sure that New Canaan residents understand that giving to the Appeal is their opportunity to focus on the less well-known needs of our local and nearby community, in this time of unprecedented needs. By contributing to the Annual Appeal, you will help the Foundation tend to many of these needs. A few years ago, the Community Fund of Darien and New Canaan Community Foundation instituted a competition, where, for a week in November, residents are challenged to ramp up their philanthropic juices and to submit their Appeal contributions to their own town, in order to acquire the title of the “Most Generous Town” for that year. This year, the 2022 challenge will be held from November 17th to Thanksgiving Day. There is an impressive trophy to be won by the town with the grandest total. The trophy has rested safely in the town of New Canaan for the past year, and we want to keep it this year! We also encourage residents to investigate the Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund (DAF) program – a vehicle which can simplify the myriad of requests and your philanthropic choices – by handling organization and paperwork, while ensuring your generosity over the years. Most importantly, our community is the reason that NCCF is able to be an effective and generous philanthropic arm for our community. We, and so many of our residents, are grateful for everyone’s participation. So please, keep a lookout for your appeal letter in the mail or visit newcanaancf.org to donate today! Best wishes for this holiday season. 

Beth and Arthur Golden, Co-Chairs – with Holly and Adam Casella – for the 2022 Annual Appeal

5 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor

  1. Dear Mary
    I am sorry for the disruption of your Sunday morning, during my Caffeine & Carburetor event.
    Out of 1,500 attendees and 4,000-5,000 residents and visitors at any type of event,
    Unfortunately there will also be a few refusing to follow set rules and guidelines. Ours being no revving of engines. Again my apology for the actions of a few.
    I am proud of the organization of the event!
    It would not be possible without the help of the following:
    -Parks & Recreation
    -Dept of Works
    -NC Police
    -Emergency Services
    -NC Fire Dept.
    -C&C volunteers
    -NC Residents
    -First Selectman Keven Moynihan
    In closing the event is held in our Waveny Park.
    After the four hour event, the amount of trash left behind consisted of about a dozen coffee cups. Compare this with the Fourth of July fireworks.That I feel is a demonstration of respect too New Canaan and the park.
    Doug Zumbach

  2. Mary Aldrich’s letter was right on target. I thought I must be the only one who was disturbed by the noise. It’s hard to believe the New Canaan police force suspends its otherwise excellent traffic control for this event. Rev the engines in Waveny, but not on our streets.

    • Dear Douglas
      NC Police do NOT suspend traffic laws or controls for any C&C event. In fact I encourage our Police too issue any and all tickets for traffic violations.
      It is my understanding that tickets were given out to vehicle owners that Sunday.
      Doug Z

  3. I can attest that drivers were repeatedly reminded to be good guests and to not rev their engines either at Waveny or the surrounding streets of New Canaan. Sadly, there are always some few whose thoughtless acts detract from a splendid event such as this.

  4. I like hearing the sound of revving engines. I’m more bothered by the sound of leaf blowers early on a weekend morning. Doug and group from C &C… Thank you for putting on another great community event on a beautiful fall Sunday. Already looking forward to first spring event.

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