Local Businesses and COVID-19: Halo Fitness 

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For today’s Q&A with a local business, we hear from Charlotte Zabrodsky of Halo Fitness. The Grove Street gym reopened June 17. Here’s our exchange. 

New Canaanite: Halo Fitness reopened June 17. How’s it going? 

At Halo Fitness on Grove Street. Contributed

Charlotte Zabrodsky: It has been wonderful to reopen our doors and re-entry has been a very smooth process. We followed the Connecticut guidelines as exactly as possible and feel our facility reopened in a safe and efficient way. We adjusted our membership offerings for our returning and many new members who all seem excited to jump back into their gym routines. Additionally, back on the schedule are group classes including boxing, yoga, dance and tennis programs. We’ve been busy.

How is a trip to Halo different for members in the wake of COVID-19 and related restrictions?

Initially the process of entry felt different, but our staff and clients were motivated to adjust to the new normal. We now require clients to book their gym time online. Also when clients enter the facility they must clear a health check (temperature check/sanitize hands). On their first visit, we go through our new gym policies which include: limited locker room use, required wiping of equipment before/after use and 12-foot distancing on the gym floor. Our gym layout has been moved around to amply cover the mandated 12-foot requirement between equipment. For our training clients, our Trainers are utilizing private studios and our space outdoors.  We also posted a video on our website which has helped to prepare clients on what to expect before their first visit.

At Halo Fitness on Grove Street. Contributed

What’s your read on how locals are handling new requirements such as wearing masks? What sort of pushback, if any, are you getting at Halo?

Our clients are handling enforced requirements very well at Halo. The current mask policy is to wear it throughout the facility with the exception of the gym floor, group classes and tennis courts. Our members can feel comfortable working out without the mask because we clearly marked off the workout spaces for the 12 feet safety distance. So far everyone has been very respectful, understanding and diligent on mask use and hygiene in the gym.

At Halo Fitness on Grove Street. Contributed

We hear all the time that one effect of this period of isolation, for many, is that their health has suffered. What have you seen at Halo?

We definitely are seeing a mixed spectrum of how people have felt after being isolated for a few months. Many clients continued working out on their own during isolation while others found it harder to stay disciplined. The opportunity a gym always offers is to gain and maintain their health. It also provides energy and motivation just seeing others in a gym space. In general it feels like many are excited to be back at Halo for that gym feeling.

What is your message to the community? 

As a fitness facility, our primary function is to provide health and wellness in a safe and clean environment. We really want to express that we are and will continue to go above and beyond to make sure that our staff and community feel comfortable. Currently, we have great membership offerings and training programs and will continue to keep sharing new information and events in the future. Visit our website to reactivate or join Halo. Or if you need additional information about our facility please contact me, at charlotte@halofitnessnc.com.

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