Local Woman Charged After Citation for Failure To Have Dog Vaccinated for Rabies [UPDATED]


[Note: The arrested woman’s name has been removed from this article.]

A 56-year-old New Canaan woman turned herself in to police Tuesday morning on an active warrant for failure to respond to an infraction.

The woman had been cited by Fairfield Police in November for failure to vaccinate her dog for rabies.

At about 12:34 p.m. on Nov. 1, a Thursday, an officer during a routine dog compliance check at Lake Mohegan in Fairfield saw her walking a black Labrador mixed-breed dog in the parking lot, according to a Fairfield Police incident report. The dog had no license or rabies tag, as required by law, according to the incident report.

The woman said that’s because the dog was just under six months of age, according to the report. The officer told her the rabies tag is required at three months of age, it said.

The Fairfield Police Department’s Animal Control officer then issued her the infraction summons.

She failed to pay or plead, leading to the issuance of the paperless re-arrest warrant through which New Canaan Police charged her this week. She turned herself in at 11:38 a.m. on March 26.

“The Fairfield Police Department does regular, random enforcement at this open space due to the high number of violations, and to ensure the safety and security of all of the people who use the public space.” Fairfield Police Capt. Robert Kalamaras said in a statement.

The woman, a Silvermine Road resident, was released on $90 bond and scheduled to appear April 9 in state Superior Court.

6 thoughts on “Local Woman Charged After Citation for Failure To Have Dog Vaccinated for Rabies [UPDATED]

  1. Wow! arrested for this? I value the importance of vaccinations for humans (especially MMR….take a hint Rockland County) and dogs (especially rabies in this bat ridden town) but an arrest 😐 Good for me that I am a cat owner – meow!

  2. Michael Dinan-

    The information is the article is complete incorrect!

    I was actually given a ticket for not having a leash for the dog- while I was technically at an off leash park but you are supposed to have the dog on leash until you get to a certain place in the park- I didnt know. Also, I have all the vaccinations to prove my dog ahas ALWAYS had up to date vaccinations. I just didnt CARRY his LICENSE and VACCINATION on me at that time!!!
    All charges were dropped, my $90 bond returned and I didnt even have to pay the $200 fine!!!

    • Here’s the information we received from the Fairfield Police Department—you now claim to have violated a different section of the Connecticut General Statutes, so please contact authorities regarding the officer’s report and, if they agree that you in fact broke a different law, I’ll be happy to update this article:

      “On 11/1/18 at 1234 hours a routine dog law compliance check was done at the Lake Mohegan Open Space area. At 1234 hours a Fairfield Animal Control Officer observed Devon Fleming, 470 Frogtown Road, New Canaan, leash walking a black labrador mixed breed dog in the Lake Mohegan parking lot. The dog Fleming was leash walking did not have a dog license or a rabies tag on its collar as required by state law sec. 22-341 and sec. 22-359e. Fleming stated her dog did not require a dog license because it was just under 6 months of age. Fleming was advised that the rabies tag on a dogs collar or harness is required at 3 months of age. Per sec. 22-339b The Fairfield ACO issued Devon Fleming an infraction for Failure to rabies vaccinate.”

      • Michael- its been 4 years- please remove this nonsense.
        The charges were dismissed and I didnt have to pay a cent. I showed the court my vaccination records for my dog – proving he was vaccinated all along.

        I really dont think your readers need to see this anymore and I dont appreciate it still coming up on Google as the only negative piece of me online – esp when it was thrown out.

        Please remove ASAP.

        Thank you.
        Devon Fleming

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