5 thoughts on “Man Injured in Near-Fatal Silvermine Road Accident Seeks $5.5 Million Settlement

  1. wait I’m sorry but the person who caused this accident is getting money????????????????? How does that make sense? Good God in heaven.

    • No I’m sorry, that’s just my shoddy headline-writing. The plaintiff, who was injured, made an offer for her to settle for $5.5 million. A better headline would be “$5.5 Million Settlement Offer in Near-Fatal Silvermine Road Car Crash” or else change the word ‘Offers’ to ‘Seeks.’ In fact why don’t I change that now. My mom actually called me yesterday about the same thing.

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  3. What was her BAC? And also, how could the lawsuit be on Sept 26 if the crash occurred OCt 30, 2015? Thank you, I’m using this article for Health.

  4. The authorities never got her blood-alcohol level. See sentence that starts “Hospital officials apparently failed to test Sung’s blood for drugs …” The accident occurred in October 2014. The woman who caused it entered her plea to answer criminal charges in September 2016. A separate civil lawsuit appears headed to trial for September 2017.

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