4 thoughts on “Civil Suit: New Canaan Woman Was Driving Under the Influence in Oct. 30 Crash on Silvermine Road

  1. Everyone in our town should be completly outraged by this situation. I am very outspoken about my opinion on drunk driving, and I realize that not everyone agrees with me, but Carol Sung, a mother and acquaintance of mine, mother of twins who went to preschool with my children, was arrested 6 years ago, mid-day, drunk driving with her children in the car. She had come up with a terrible excuse that she had to pick up her kids BC the nanny had an emergency and ahe had a lunch where she had some wine. I am
    Not sure if the charges were dropped or what she pleaded, etc, in that case, but I vividly remember the arrest.

    To me this is an extremely sad situation and a total failure on the state’s part. On average. A person drives 80x drunk before they are caught. I don’t know what carol’s “bottom” will be, but she obviously needs to seek treatment for alcohol abuse. And she almost killed this boy. This accident was a real horror for this town, involving 4 cars, and as usual, the drunk driver who caused it barely has a scratch. And now she isn’t even charged with dui. She is back on our streets, driving every day. What an outrage!

  2. Driving under the influence is totally unacceptable. How narcissistic can a person be not caring for the lives of others. It is appalling that the staff at the hospital nor NCPD did the proper toxicology screening so that this second offender would finally lose her license.

  3. What a tragic accident indeed and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone and their families that were a part of this.. I also wish them all well in not only their physical recoveries but their emotional ones too. Every day is a gift as we quickly realize especially when tragedy strikes suddenly.

    However we must not lose sight that sadly sometimes we are eager to judge and to place blame without really knowing all of the facts.

    What we read or watch on television or hear word of mouth is not always the truth as we all know.

    I believe all are innocent until proven guilty.

    Thank you.

  4. My prayers go out to the young man who survived such a horrific accident. And of course to the family. Truly is a blessing!! after saying that I must say I feel very perplexed on the said allegations. At first saying this woman was dui. Then the cops said the breath analyzer showed no alcohol but she failed field test. Why didn’t the hospital take any further tests maybe they felt there was no need for them?The cop say she smelt like booze then why would it not show on the breath test?? They say she wasn’t sure whT street she was on. Surely it would be normal for an individual to be confused and even a little disoriented on where you are after such a tragic accident. I once too was involved in a very bad accident (Absolutely no alcohol involved) and took me some time to get my thoughts together and figure out where I was. This is tragic no matter how you look at. Hopefully no false allegations are being thrown around and most importantly that the prayers continue for this young man to have a full recovery.

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