Police: Man Tells Food Emporium Worker He Loves Her, Threatens To Saw Off His Own Leg If She Doesn’t Give Him Her Phone Number


Police arrested a 49-year-old Ridgefield man after he told a Food Emporium employee on Sunday that he loved her and would drive his truck into the Elm Street store and cut off his leg with a chainsaw if he didn’t get her number, officials say.

Later in the day, at about 5:26 p.m. on May 31, the man returned as the 20-year-old employee was leaving work and pulled his pickup in front of the car in which she was riding—preventing it from leaving the parking lot while he stared at her for about two minutes before driving off, according to a police report.

Police tracked down the man who apparently was known to someone at the store, found out where he lives in Ridgefield and charged him at home with second-degree breach of peace, the report said. When confronted by police, the man said he knew why authorities were seeking him and that he wouldn’t go near the store or girl again, the report said.

It isn’t clear whether the man knew the girl prior to the incident on Sunday. She didn’t give him her phone number, officials said.

The man was scheduled to appear June 9 in state Superior Court in Norwalk.

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