Miyuki Launches ‘Me & U Cookie Co.’ for Popular Cookies on Pine Street


Miyuki Mirafiore with her cookies, now available online at meandyoucookies.com. Credit: Michael Dinan

Miyuki Mirafiore started making cookies not long after opening her eponymous noodle shop in Pine Street Concessions.

Miyuki’s chocolate chip cookies. Credit: Michael Dinan

Located beside her husband Dante’s (equally eponymous) pizza place at 75 Pine St., “Miyuki’s” has become a popular go-to lunch option for many in town since opening in 2017. 

She started with “just a little tiny batch” of 12 chocolate chip cookies, Mirafiore recalled later Tuesday afternoon as the lunch crowd thinned out. 

“I started to realize how fun it was, and everybody loved them,” she told NewCanaanite.com. “And ever since then we’ve just kept making them.”

Miyuki’s white chocolate raspberry cookies. Credit: Michael Dinan

And that’s a good thing, because Miyuki’s cookies—and especially her chocolate chip cookies—emerged as a number-one overall seller in terms of quantity. 

Recognizing their soaring popularity, Mirafiore this year launched a dedicated brand for the tasty treats. 

On the Me & U Cookie Co. website, customers can order boxes of eight or 12 assorted cookies, as well as party platters and favors of any size. 

“It just grew organically and I started to realize maybe it’s bigger than the other things,” Mirafiore said. “And I started selling online.”

Miyuki’s peanut butter chocolate cookies. Credit: Michael Dinan

She’s doing a brisk business with the accidental big-hit menu items, offered in a variety of flavors that includes chocolate chip as well as oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, white chocolate raspberry, peanut butter marshmallow and sugar. 

Asked how she landed on the recipe for her locally famous chocolate chip cookies, Mirafiore said, “Trial and error.”

“It took a long time to develop the recipes,” she said, which were “probably based off of” a basic recipe that she tweaked.

“Little by little, every time, I didn’t like this, didn’t like that,” Mirafiore said.

The Me & U Cookie Co. boxes. Credit: Michael Dinan

Displayed on their baking sheets at the counter where Miyuki customers place and pick up their orders at the food hall, the large $6 cookies have brought people happiness since the very start, she said.

They were a draw “right away,” according to Mirafiore.

“People don’t say much—it’s just a cookie, after all—but it just really makes people happy,” she said. “You can tell, especially on our end, when customers come and of course they’re happy to get food, but the cookie has something special.”

Inside Pine Street Concessions at 75 Pine St. in New Canaan. Credit: Michael Dinan

The discerning Miyuki customers also are rather particular about the temperature of a preferred cookie, and spend time examining what’s available on the trays, she said.

“People really like to pick because some people like burnt and some like gooey,” Mirafiore said. “And even if we have one that is overcooked, we leave it because there’s always someone who wants them.”

The cookies at Miyuki’s can be purchased in-person Me & U Cookie Co. (11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday) or here on the Me & U website (free shipping on orders of $70-plus).

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