New Canaan’s Barolo Trattoria & Wine Bar is Off and Running


For the first time in more than a year, the space at 136 Main St. is officially in business.

Barolo Trattoria and Wine Bar opened to the public on Feb. 19. And ever since, a seemingly endless stream of people has passed through its doors…much to the delight of owner Gary Weinstein of Greenwich.

“The people have been overwhelmingly supportive,” Weinstein said . “We were open six nights and I had five tables tell me that they had been here more than two nights since we’d been open, so it’s fun.”


Barolo is located at 136 Main St. (Terry Dinan photo)

What was not fun for Weinstein and co-owners Raffaele Gallo and Eric Grant was the weather. Originally slated to be open in time for Valentine’s Day, Barolo’s debut had to be pushed back due an uncooperative Mother Nature. Even so, Weinstein remains grateful that the snow was the only main challenge to getting the restaurant up and running.

“The town was incredibly welcoming to us,” Weinstein said. “Every single department–from health to fire to police to buildings–even state liquor licenses. Everyone was helpful.”


The antipasti bar at Barolo. (Terry Dinan photo)

The former site of Tuscan–which closed last winter amid a flurry of controversy–was completely overhauled. The full service bar, formerly located in the back of the space, was moved to the front where it shares the area with an antipasti bar and a walk-in wine refrigerator. Passing through a stone-arched opening, one enters the warmly lit, handsome dining area, split into two attractive sections with well-spaced tables that can seat 88 guests.

Despite its considerable size, the restaurant is able to maintain a level of intimacy…something Weinstein worked hard to attain.


The dining room. (Terry Dinan photo)

“Probably one of the things I’m happiest about is that everybody says that no matter where they sit in the dining room, and no matter how crowded it is, they can all hear everyone at the table without shouting,” Weinstein told “We spent a lot of time and effort on getting the acoustics right, and I’m happy that that’s worked.”

BaroloAnother facet that seems to be working is the food itself. The Italian fare is prepared under the watchful eye and adept hand of Executive Chef Guiseppe Castellano, who had previously teamed with some of Barolo’s owners at Gallo in Ridgefield, Tiella in New York City and Gran Gusto in Cambridge, MA.

“Our chefs are from Italy and 80 percent of our ingredients are sourced, authentic Italian ingredients,” Weinstein said. “Everything is homemade–from the bread to the pasta to the desserts.”

BaroloBarolo’s Salumi & Formaggi selection of meats and cheeses is impressive, highlighted by house-made mozzarella and imported burrata. The menu boasts a diverse array of appetizers priced from $12-$14. The seafood section covers all bases with the requisite oysters, clams, shrimp, crab and lobster present and accounted for. Various salads and pizza are also on the menu, costing between $10 and $16. Pasta dishes range from $18-$24 with main entrees running between $23-$36. Homemade dessert and coffee/espresso/cappuccino are also available.


Paccheri with short rib ragout. (Terry Dinan photo)

Some early favorites at Barolo include Carciofi – crispy baby artichokes seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon zest; Manzo – Kobe beef meatballs served in a homemade tomato sauce with imported ricotta; and Spaghetti alla ‘Sciué sciué’ –handmade pasta mixed with red and yellow cherry tomatoes, garlic and white wine, finished off in a wheel of pecorino and served table-side.


The wine closet. (Terry Dinan photo)

Considering the name of the restaurant itself, there’s a lot riding on the wine list at Barolo, and it more than delivers. Consisting of 90% Italian and California labels, the lineup is stacked with industry staples as well as some rare finds that will satisfy both novices and aficionados alike.

For those looking to capture some semblance of the previous occupant…well, you’ll need to look elsewhere. According to Weinstein, the team at Barolo is fully committed to bringing a complete fine dining experience to Main Street.


Cannoli at Barolo. (Terry Dinan photo)

“Us owners are passionate about food, and we’re very conservative guys,” Weinstein told “We are trying to create a great environment that people can come and know what they’re getting night after night with great quality, great service and great atmosphere.”

And they’re off to a great start.

Barolo Trattoria & Wine Bar

136 Main Street

(203) 920-1515

Open for lunch and dinner:

M-Th, 11:30am-10pm

F-Sa, 11:30am – 11pm

Su, 11am – 9pm

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