2 thoughts on “NewCanaanite.com Adds Two Editorial Advisory Council Members

  1. Michael, continued congratulations on your excellent work. Here is a question for your advisors: Would you advise Michael that having members of organizations that are subject to news coverage by New Canaanite on New Canaanite’s Editorial Advisory Council could create an appearance of a conflict of interest that could diminish the credibility of the news coverage? Such as Board of Finance and the budget it approves for the schools, the Chamber of Commerce’s position on parking near crosswalks, or Bankwell, if it were to seek a zoning variance from P&Z?

    • Greg, thank you for your kind words and question. The short answer is: An Editorial Advisory Council strengthens a news site like this one. New Canaan is a tight-knit community of involved residents who are generous with time and generous of spirit. I want feedback and guidance from such people. Involvement in this community is just what qualifies our EAC members, and I am very grateful to them. Thank you again.

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