North Wilton Road Homeowner Seeks Permission To Build Large Garage


The proposed new attached garage. Specs by Armonk, N.Y.-based joseph r. crocco architects

The owner of a 6.05-acre rear lot on North Wilton Road is seeking permission from the Planning & Zoning Commission to construct a large garage attached to the main residence on the property.

The garage planned for 49 North Wilton Road, located near the intersection of Smith Ridge Road, will be used for storage only and set back from the street where “current screening exists from neighboring properties,” according to Special Permit application filed on behalf of the homeowner by attorney David Rucci of New Canaan-based Lampert Toohey & Rucci LLC.

“The proposed garage has been designed to be an attractive structure to match the existing residence complete with stone foundations, wood siding and gable cedar shingle roofs,” the application said. “The exterior appearance will blend into the environment surrounding it. The new structure will also be suitable in relation to its site characteristics. By burrowing into the land, the overall massing of the new garage is minimized.”

P&Z is scheduled to take up the application at its regular meeting 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Special Permits are required from the Commission on three fronts.

Under the New Canaan Zoning Regulations, a “large attached garage”—such as one with space for more than five vehicles—is allowed with a Special Permit from P&Z (see page 51). Also under the regulations, Special Permits must be obtained to excavate or grade more than 1,000 cubic yards of earth or disturb an area of soil of more than 10,000 square feet (page 137).

The new garage will be about 26 feet high and connected to the main house by a hallway, resulting in 3,358 square feet of additional coverage. 

“The proposed new garage is designed purely for storage and will not have systems for the servicing of any vehicles,” the application said. “In other words, no floor drains, sink or service lifts.”

It’s been “designed to fit into the lower topography on the site where the property drops off.” The grading will involve grading and disturbing a large amount of earth. The site is to be engineered by Fairfield County Engineering Services, the application said.

According to the application, the property currently includes a single-family residence, pool and pool house. According to tax records, the property includes the main 8,746-square-foot house built in 2001, as well as a single-story, 1,075-square-foot ranch-style structure built the following year.

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