Op-Ed: Growing Up with a Community


[Izzy Kremer is a New Canaan High School senior, class of 2024.]

Talking about large issues such as gender inequality, we often think of adults and the issues that arise when we enter that phase in life. We think of the societal issues of men versus women and the difference in treatment from professionals and regulars, however what if we took a step back and saw where it came from? Don’t all things build from a young age?

Izzy Kremer

Growing up as a female in a town full of unreachable high standards in all aspects of life, such as: school, grades, friend groups, etc, it was always hard for me to find my fit. I thought I had to conform myself to what other people wanted me to be in order to be liked or seen as an equal. This lesson that I taught myself at a young age festered into a long internal insecurity all through my growing years. 

I moved to New Canaan in third grade, I came in and made a couple of friends, but initially was always left out of the group projects and games on the playground. Of course going into Middle School it only got harder as there were more students to get lost in, I tried reaching out with my bubbly personality, but that turned into toxic friendship after friendship just tearing me down. In seventh grade my mom signed me up for the Confidence Club that LiveGirl held at my Middle School after school on Wednesdays. Originally I disagreed with her on my engagement with the club, as I didn’t want help, I just wanted to be “normal”. However, little did I know the impact of “silly” after school activities and how they correlated to my everyday life. During that club we’d write in journals and share in a safe space, finally opening my eyes to the fact that I wasn’t alone. Unfortunately, Covid came around the next year and I didn’t continue in the club. Yet, it still brought me back to being the High School Intern for this organization.

LiveGirl recognizes the struggles of the changes in young adolescent life to adulthood. So many young girls today feel alone, when there are organizations such as LiveGirl that not only boost you back up, but give you a safe space to truly find your spark again. LiveGirl helps girls make friends and enhances the confidence that is often lost at a young age. 

Coming back to LiveGirl is a full circle moment for me. I was lost since a young age and didn’t have the easiest High School experience, however choosing to intern for LiveGirl has been one of the most eye opening experiences. I admire the care and need in each one of the women that are a part of this organization for trying so hard to make sure all women use their voice and helping them at such a young age, giving everyone a voice that deserves to be heard. This group is so passionate about what they do and it inspires me in my next steps going into college as a psychology major. I appreciate and thank LiveGirl for their voice in a society like ours today.

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  1. Izzy, thanks for writing such a heartfelt and vulnerable op-ed about your LiveGirl experience and community. As you said, LiveGirl is all about building confident, inclusive leaders and providing a space of belonging for anyone who needs it. Having you intern with us has been a truly special “full circle” moment. You are a wonder. Keep soaring, Izzy!

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