Op-Ed: Irwin Park Welcomes Back Three Goats


Our weed-eating goats have returned to Irwin Park. We welcome back Miss Bo Peep, Stewie and Ralph. They will be hard at work eating the very invasive Japanese knotweed that unfortunately has made Irwin Park its home. It is a job the goats love.

Bo Peep 30 minutes after being born. Photo courtesy of Debbie Simpson

The goats all have interesting personal stories. All are rescue goats as most were formerly pets that were sadly no longer wanted. This was the story of Miss Bo Peep’s mother, Fuzzy, who arrived at Green Goats Farm already pregnant.

Miss Bo Peep arrived in this world thanks to the quick thinking and reaction of owner Larry Cihanek. Under usual circumstances, goats are born front feet first and quickly, within 15 to 20 minutes. Miss Bo Peep was already an hour into her birth and was presenting face first. Larry arrived home to his farm from work and after quickly removing his suit jacket gently assisted Miss Bo Peep’s birth by holding onto her lower jaw and gently pulling her to life. Miss Bo Peep’s friendly nature has made her one of our community’s favorites.

Miss Bo Peep has returned to Irwin Park. Photo courtesy of Debbie Simpson

In 2019, the New Canaan Garden Club brought in the goats as an environmentally friendly alternative to herbicides to help with the weed eradication. The Club’s goal is two-fold, first to clear out the invasive weeds and secondly to replant the area with native plants supporting the Pollinator Pathway. 

Please remember to socially distance and wear a face covering for your nose and mouth when viewing the goats. 

For more information about the New Canaan Garden Club or to make a donation to the “Goat Initiative,” please visit www.ncgardenclub.org. 

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